Burberry Purses Outlet an unnatural disasterIn co

an unnatural disaster

In comments on Thursday, Sep. 1, in an interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC News, President George W. Bush said, “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees. They did anticipate a serious storm. But these levees got breached.”

In comments to the press on Sep. 3, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff remarked, “That ‘perfect storm’ of a combination of catastrophes exceeded the foresight of the planners, and maybe anybody’s foresight”, and called the disaster “breathtaking in its surprise.”

It’s not our fault,” said Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, in charge of the deployment of National Guard troops in New Orleans. “The storm came and flooded the city.”

In other words, Katrina was an Act of God no one could have foreseen, and the politicians we elected to protect us from disaster are not responsible for the unimaginable horror we have witnessed this week.

A horror unimagined by anyone, except by every hurricane scientist and government emergency management official for the past forty years and more. It was a certainty that New Orleans would suffer a catastrophe like this. Every 70 years, on average, the central Gulf Coast has a Category 4 or 5 hurricane pass within 80 miles of a given point. Sometimes you get lucky for a while. New Orleans had gone over 150 years without a strike by a hurricane capable of overwhelming the levees. Sometimes you get unlucky. There’s no guarantee that New Orleans won’t get hit by another major hurricane this year. We are in the midst of an extraordinary period of hurricane activity, the likes of which has not been seen in recorded history. Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis, which both had storm surges capable of breaching the levees in New Orleans, smashed into Pensacola in the past year. Either of these storms could have inundated New Orleans, had they taken a slight wobble westward earlier in their track.

Hurricanes are an inescapable part of nature’s way on the Gulf Coast. Nature doesn’t care about tax cuts and fiscal years and budget crunches. Nature doesn’t care that a city of 500,000 people situated below sea level lies in its path. It was certain that New Orleans would sooner or later get hit by a hurricane that would breach the levees. How could the director of Homeland Security not be familiar with this huge threat to the security of this nation? How could the President not know? How could all the presidents and politicians we elected, from Eisenhower to Clinton, not know?

The answer is that they all knew. But the politicians we elect don’t care about the poor people in New Orleans, because poor people don’t have a lobbyist in Washington. The poor people don’t make big campaign contributions, and those big campaign contributions are vital to getting elected. In all of the Congressional and Presid Burberry Purses Outlet ential races held over the past ten years, over 90% were won by the candidate that raised the most money.

So there was little effort given to formulate a plan to evacuate the 100,000 poor residents of New Orleans with no transportation of their own for a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. To do so would have cost tens of millions of dollars, money that neither the city, nor the state, nor the federal government was willing to spend. Why spend money that would be wasted on a bunch of poor people? The money was better spent on projects to please the politicians’ wealthy campaign contributors. So the plan was to let them die. And they died, as we experts all knew they would. Huge numbers of them. And they keep dying, still. We don’t know how many. Since the plan was to let them die, the city of New Orleans made sure they had a good supply of body bags on hand. Only 10,000 body bags, but since Katrina didn’t hit New Orleans head on, 10,000 will probably be enough.

Admittedly, it is very difficult to safely evacuate 100,000 people with a Category 4 or 5 hurricane bearing down on you. There are only a few routes out of the city, and a full 72 hours of warning are needed to get everyone out. That’s asking a lot, as hurricanes are very difficult to predict that far in advance. The National Hurricane Center did pretty well, giving New Orleans a full 60 hours to evacuate. The Hurricane Center forecasted on Friday afternoon that Katrina would hit New Orleans as a major hurricane on Monday, which is what happened. New Orleans had time to implement its plan to bus the city’s poor out. However, this plan had two very serious problems it wasn’t enacted in time, and it could only get out 20% of the people in a best case scenario.

The mandatory evacuation order was not given until Sunday, just 20 hours before the hurricane. I have not been able to ascertain from press accounts when the busses actually started picking up people. The mayor says 50,000 made it to the Superdome and other “shelters of last resort”, leaving anot Burberry Purses Outlet her 50,000 to face the flood waters in their homes. Although 80% of the city was evacuated, it is unclear whether any of the city’s poor made it out by bus. And it is very fortunate that Katrina did not hit the city head on, or else most of those in the Superdome and other “shelters of last resort” would have perished. The death toll from Katrina would have easily surpassed 50,000.

Even if the evacuation plan had been launched 72 hours in advance, it almost certainly would have failed. From there, people would be taken out of the city to shelters to the north.

Some experts familiar with the plans say they won’t work.

“That’s never going to happen because there’s not enough buses in the city,” said Charley Ireland, who retired as deputy director of the New Orleans Office of Emergency Preparedness in 2000. “Between the RTA and the school buses, you’ve got maybe 500 buses, and they hold maybe 40 people

each. It ain’t going to happen.”

The plan has other potential pitfalls.

No signs are in place to notify the public that the regular bus stops are also the stops for emergency evacuation. In Miami Beach, Fla., every other bus stop sports a huge sign identifying it as a hurricane evacuation stop.

It’s also unclear whether the city’s entire staff of bus drivers will remain. A union spokesman said that while drivers are aware of the plan, the union contract lacks a provision requiring them to stay.

So, if one does the math, 500 busses times 40 people per bus yields 20,000 people that could have been evacuated in a best case scenario. Only 20,000 out of 100,000. That isn’t a half hearted effort, it’s a one fifth hearted, criminal effort. We’re talking about the lives of 80,000 people or more sacrificed, from a disaster that was certain to happen. By not having a plan to get New Orleans’ poor out, our government caused the unbelievable suffering and the needless deaths of thousands of Americans. This was not a natural disaster caused by an act of God, it was an unnatural disaster. In his excellent 2001 book, Acts of God: The Unnatural History of Natural Disaster in America, Ted Steinberg writes: “Calling such events acts of Go Burberry Purses Outlet d has long been a way to evade moral responsibility for death and destruction.” He shows in the book how countless politicians over the past one hundred years have done their best to evade this moral responsibility when preventable disasters struck. Our current leaders are no different.

The most prosperous and technologically advanced nation in history surely could have done better. Was it really too expensive to have the vehicles, people, and workable plan in place needed to evacuate New Orleans? Yes, the local and state goverments had primary responsibility for the New Orleans evacuation plan, but in an exceptional case like New Orleans, shouldn’t the federal government have stepped in with the additional resources needed? “A society is measured by how it treats the weak and vulnerable”, said George W. Bush in his State of the Union of Feb 2, 2005. By that measure, the Burberry Purses Outlet people of this country have responded magnificently. The outpouring of aid, sympathy and prayers for those affected has been tremendous. But by that same standard, our government has failed. Its not just the current administration every elected government since the days of Eisenhower has failed us. As I’ve outlined above, the problem is not likely to go away until the amount of money a candidate raises is no longer the primary factor determining who gets elected. Our elected officials won’t care for the poor, as long as it is the rich who determine who get elected.

What can we do to help prevent such a disaster from recurring? Well, I encourage all of you to support election reform initiatives such as public campaign financing and Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) over the coming years. Maybe then I can check a box to vote for a candidate who will actually care for the needs of the poor in New Orleans and elsewhere in this county, instead of the usual “lesser of two evils” from the miserable two party system that let thousands die and tens of thousands more suffer so unbearably.

Burberry Purses Outlet An unjust approach to sentenci

An unjust approach to sentencing

attorney in the District of Columbia, a common practice of narcotics officers was to walk the aisles of Amtrak trains when they stopped at Union Station and ask “suspicious” passengers for permission to search their bags. The officers were looking to intercept “mules” moving drugs to New York from Florida on behalf of major narcotics dealers. Although travelers had the legal right to deny these search requests, this was never explained to them beforehand, and many agreed to have their bags examined, often resulting in the seizure of large amounts of drugs.

My first federal trial involved a mule who had been stopped and searched in this manner. His backpack contained sizable quantities of cocaine and heroin. Either because of fear or, more likely, ignorance, this defendant was Burberry Purses Outlet unable to assist in the prosecution of anyone higher up in the drug chain. This is hardly surprising. No savvy dealer tells a courier his true identity or address. And we were not about to release our defendant on the basis of a solemn promise that he would track down the supplier and then provide us with the information. So, with nothing to use as a bargaining chip, this unfortunate man went to trial, at which he was quickly convicted and sentenced to nearly 25 years in prison.

The decades long imprisonment of such low level drug dealers is not just. Fortunately, Attorney General Eric Holder has recently taken several m Burberry Purses Outlet odest but not insignificant steps that should help change this practice. First, in a break from precedent, Holder said last month that mandatory minimum sentences should be sought only for high level or violent drug dealers. Sentencing Commission that would effectively lessen the sentences imposed for dru Burberry Purses Outlet g offenses by about one year.

It is not surprising that these proposed changes have drawn fire from certain prosecutors and “law and order” politicians. Eliminating the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug crimes would, witho Burberry Purses Outlet ut question, make the prosecution of drug trafficking cases more difficult. The how to of taking down drug organizations is not particularly complicated: Arrest the low level dealers and, after threatening them with the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence, obtain their cooperation and agreement to testify against their higher ups. Long mandatory minimum sentences are a crude but effective method of extracting this cooperation. So narcotics prosecutors’ resistance to the proposed reforms is to be expected.

But merely because it is often effective to threaten small time drug dealers with decades in prison if they fail to cooperate does not make the practice just. Saudi Arabia imposes the death penalty for trafficking even small amounts of drugs and, by all reports, the kingdom has very low levels of illegal drug use. But few would suggest that such a draconian approach, even if effective, was just or moral. A balance must be struck between the crude effectiveness of the threat of a long prison sentence and the fairness of sentencing a low level, nonviolent drug dealer generally a user himself or herself to decades behind bars. The cost of that imprisonment not simply in taxpayer dollars, though that is immense must also be considered in the context of sentences that violent felons typically receive.

Simply put, something is very wrong with a system in which low level drug dealers who either cannot or will not cooperate with the government receive sentences comparable to, or longer than, those frequently meted out to armed robbers, rapists and even some murderers.

Will this change in approach make prosecutors’ jobs more difficult and permit some big time drug dealers to go unpunished? Undoubtedly, and it would be naive to deny this reality. But the societal benefits of strong arm prosecution tactics must be constantly calibrated against the costs. The recognition and consideration of these costs is long overdue.

Burberry Purses Outlet an unfamiliar ringThe worl

an unfamiliar ring

The world of boxing is changing. Amateur Boxing Inc. lifted its ban on women. Burberry Purses Outlet Acting on a lawsuit filed by Dallas Malloy, a 16 year old female boxer in Washington state and the American Civil Liberties Union, the association lifted the ban in October. 1 Fitness gym in nearby Dania.

A random check in Broward County, Fla., found 10 women taking boxing lessons.

“A few years ago, most women would have thought of boxing gyms as musty, stinking places full of grunts,” says Robert First, vice president of Presidential Health Fitness Club, which oversees the Angelo Dundee Training Center in Hollywood, Fla.

As people become more sophisticated about fitness, many discover that boxing offers one of the most complete and vigorous workouts around, Mr. First says.

Training is not for the faint of heart. Novices huff and puff through exercise sets that run the equivalent of a 3 minute boxing round. Trainees rest only seconds between Burberry Purses Outlet sets. The entire routine lasts an hour or more.

The workouts involve jogging, shadow boxing, jumping rope, punching bags, speed bags, mitt sparring and one on one contact. T Burberry Purses Outlet he training is meant to build coordination, endurance, speed and strength.

Amy McGrotty, 32, a lawyer, was into martial arts before deciding to seek something more challenging. She finds boxing relieves work related stress. “Some of the girls say ‘pretend the Burberry Purses Outlet punching bag is your boss,’ ” Ms. McGrotty says.

Some women thrive on the challenge. Nothing quite matches the thrill of connecting a punch.

“Sometimes you throw a punch and you go, ‘Wow, that sounds powerful,’ and that’s exciting,” says Jennifer Schechtman, 40, an accountant.

Ms. Schechtman got into boxing because she wanted to lose weight. Her friend, Yolanda Quallo, 41, was bored with aerobics. The two decided to find a personal trainer who would motivate them. Someone hooked them up with Chico Rivas, a boxer and trainer at the Jewish Community Center Contenders Boxing Club in Sunrise, Fla.

Mr. Rivas remembers the first day the women showed up at his boxing club two years ago.

“At first, the guys’ reaction was, ‘Hey Chico, what’s this girls in the gym?,'” says Mr. Rivas, a burly man with curly black hair. “Now these ladies have earned their respect.”

Burberry Purses Outlet An unfair witch hunt over plas

An unfair witch hunt over plastic bags

Those who want to ban or tax plastic shopping bags don’t let the facts get in the way of their story. Th Burberry Purses Outlet ey rely on junk science and political correctness to try to change consumer behaviour.

But wait a minute. These “social engineers” conveniently forget that plastic shopping bags were developed for many sound environmental and public health reasons. These bags are one of the greenest products on earth. They can be reused many times, and they are totally recyclable into new bags or other products. They are lightweight, waterproof, reusable, and inexpensive. And most importantly, they protect our health from cross contamination of food.

According to Recyc Quebec, the Crown corporation responsible for recycling in that province, the traditional plastic shopping bag is one of the best environmental options behind the reusable bag.

Every municipal audit shows that plastic shopping bags are neither a landfill nor a litter problem. Bags account for less than 1 per cent of landfill and less than one half of 1 per cent of litter across Canada.

Industry has developed clean recycling technologies and built a $2 billion market hungry for used bags that can be made into new plastic lumber products like laminate flooring. Ask any recycler in Ontario and they’ll tell you that they just cannot get enough used, empty plastic shopping bags and plastic films such as shrink wrap and vapour barriers to meet North American demand.

International experience shows that bans and taxes on Burberry Purses Outlet bags not only don’t work, but in fact have the complete opposite effect.

The Scottish government Burberry Purses Outlet spent two years in public hearings to conclude that such policies have a number of unintended consequences that negatively impact consumers, retailers and even the environment.

The anti bag proselytizers like to tell the story of Ireland, where the number of bags handed out at retail dropped 90 p Burberry Purses Outlet er cent after a tax was imposed.

But that is only part of the story. What they don’t tell you is that the consumption of plastic actually increased 10 per cent as consumers switched to heavier plastic kitchen catchers to carry their goods. Sales of heavier plastic bags have soared 400 per cent, and the amount of material going to landfill has actually increased.

Why would anyone want to duplicate what has happened in Ireland? Oh yes, talk of a bag tax or a bag ban sounds good it makes for an interesting soapbox rant by a few uninformed pundits but it is reckless and irresponsible because it misleads the public.

If Hamilton is to achieve a solid waste diversion target of 65 per cent, it won’t get there by eliminating plastic bags.

What the city should be doing is building on what it already does so well it has one of the highest recycling rates for plastic film and bags in the country at 47 per cent.

It has collected bags through the blue box program for years.

Progressive retailers in the city such as the Barn Market, Food Basics and Fortinos operate bag takeback programs.

Hamilton is a leader in this. Surely it makes more sense to build on this success than impose taxes or bans. We should be encouraging consumers to recycle more, not penalizing them or engineering product substitution that will lead to unintended negative consequences.

Burberry Purses Outlet An Unexpected PregnancyAn

An Unexpected Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy can happen to anyone. Even a happily married couple with three kids can be thrown way off guard by the news that another one is on the way. No matter whom it happens to, there is no real way to prepare yourself or guard your feelings against the looming feeling that a new life is on the way. Lots of people in this world did not start out being happy by their pregnancy. I know first hand how unexpected pregnancies can disrupt the best laid plans.

The first time I became pregnant was a total surprise. I had just been hired to the job of my dreams and was beginning to pull my life together like a responsible adult. I was 25 years old, very much in love with my partner and felt like the world was my oyster. When I missed my period I knew immediately. I can still remember looking at the Fact Plus pregnancy test hoping, praying, begging really that I was reading it wrong. Maybe the plus sign meant I had some more time to wait before becoming a mother. A trip to the OBGYN confirmed what I was afraid of; pregnant and even more frightening twins.

Initially it felt like I was giving up so much just to be pregnant. Instead of feeling happy or excited I was nervous and admittedly resentful. I didn’t really understand all the things that were happening with my body, but knew that life was in the midst of transforming. Everyone around me was ecstatic and al Burberry Purses Outlet most suddenly everything about me except for my pregnancy became non existent and unimportant. People only talked to me about how I was feeling, how I was growing, and what my plans were for the babies. My plans were still stuck in the days before I found out I was pregnant. I felt as if I had to hide my true feelings from everyone and remember crying alone. That simply caused guilt about what kind of person I must be to be full of such selfish and ungrateful thoughts. After all there were tons of women in this world who have been trying for years with no luck, and like magic I got pregnant without trying and with twins. Shouldn’t I be grateful?

Around the 20 week mark when I could feel the babies move I began to have an immense shift of consciousness. Unexpected, yes but end of the world, No! My plans began to change too and instead of developing a life plan for myself I was now making a plan for life with husband and babies. Although it did seem undeniable that I was being forced to put everything I wanted or dreamed about on hold for a while, I think this was probably just life teaching me the first lesson of being a parent. On hold, yes; but give up, No! As often happens in life the best made plans are not always meant to be and I have to say that God probably knows what we need more than we do. Once the babies came my whole life changed and I couldn’t imagine going back to my previous existence. Probably as unexpected as the pregnancy itself, was how well I grew into a mother and how perfectly motherhood suited me.

I went on to have another child that was perfectly planned. This pregnancy was joyful to say the least and I was glowing with adoration for my burgeoning belly from the very first day the line turned pink. There was no time frame of growing to love or growing to understand what was happening because it was included in my very own greater plan. I was full of nothing but gratitude. The fourth child however, was the most unexpected pregnancy of them all and quite possibly gave me one of the biggest tests of stamina and faith in my life.

My husband had had a vasectomy and we were very pleased with the size of our family. We had reached the point where the kids were all in school, we could go out to dinner without needing a high chair and a diaper bag armed wit Burberry Purses Outlet h everything under the kitchen sink. We were enjoying finally being able to sleep in on the weekends. All the kids were involved in sport activities and it was no big deal to stay on the road all day or out of the house until midnight. Vacations to the beach, the amusement park, or the movies were fun a Burberry Purses Outlet gain. I could walk through a parking lot not worrying about a toddler running off into traffic and could grocery sho Burberry Purses Outlet p in peace without having to open 5 products just to make it through the store. We actually had conversations at dinner and I was passed the point of cutting other peoples food or wiping any one else’s bottom. It was like we had reached the top of the hill and were enjoying the ride without any stress. Sure, there were no more cute babies running around the house in diapers but there was freedom of sorts.

Then, one day I was pregnant again. Again, I had just started working outside of the home. I was just about to have my days to myself for the first time in 10 years. I was working out again, looking great and finally owned my own body. No breast feeding or pregnancy. Even the stretch marks were starting to fade. This was the most unexpected of all. Just a year after we opened up savings accounts for college I realized that I would not only have children in college but one that would just be starting elementary school. I felt like I was being sentenced to another 5 years. Even worse, my children were old enough to understand and they were the most caught off guard. They were angry and they didn’t talk to me for a couple of weeks. One told me everyday that she hated this baby and until the day her sister was born held tightly to that sentiment. I again had to put all that I wanted on the back burner and try to figure out how I could fit this little new person into a life that I felt was already full.

This unexpected pregnancy made me angry and for some reason I walked around with the feeling that I was being punished. When I first told my husband he looked at me with that look that just says, “Have you cheated on me?” (Remember he was fixed) and even though I didn’t it felt like we were both deviously tricked. We didn’t share this news with anyone else until we absolutely had to. And people reacted just as we expected, thinking we were crazy to have a 4th child. All I could think about was gaining the weight, and having to redesign a life in order to accommodate yet another child. I resented everything about being pregnant. I was very hurt by the way my children reacted and was even more put off by the way people would treat me in public. They would see me with three children and pregnant and immediately think I was a Jerry Springer Show guest. Finally someone told me that what I was feeling was okay, and that all would be well. In the end it was!

Unexpected pregnancies are not always met with joy and glee. It really is okay to not want to be pregnant when you find out that you are. It doesn’t make you or predispose you to being a horrible mother. It can be difficult at first and can cause deep resentment that if we don’t allow to process will eventually affect the child that is on the way. In my case, I am as in love with my fourth and unexpected child as I was with all the rest. But it did take some time. For much of the pregnancy I was in a woe is me mode that made me difficult to be around. By the time I was 8 months along, I gave in and began to wonder what it was about this little life inside me that was so determined to get here. She must be special.

This unexpected pregnancy has given me the opportunity to parent in a much more relaxed and happy manner. I was able to gain a lot of strength and a lot of appreciation for life in general. Probably the most important thing I learned is that unexpected or not; a pregnancy changes life as we know it. Change is never easy but is always necessary. I rarely make ‘plans’ nowadays and have learned to live with the ebb and flow of all the lives around me. I realize with certainty that in life we have much less control over things than we might initially think or feel we do. It is more important to be able to rise to meet all the challenges and unexpected circumstances in our lives, than it is to follow a strictly outlined and unforgiving plan. Interestingly enough this child was named Gracie, taken from the feeling I found in my heart to be thankful and gracious for the beautiful gift that she taught me. Unexpected or not, my life would not be the same without her.

Burberry Purses Outlet An Undervalued Stock Missed

An Undervalued Stock Missed

The markets had an amazing bull run in 2013. Many stocks have had nice runs and even some that were not profitable. In 2014 it may be more of a stock pickers market and finding undervalued companies may be rare as many stocks enjoyed a healthy 2013. I believe I have found an undervalued stock that remains in MFRI Inc. (MFRI). is the largest manufacturer of pre insulated piping systems for District Heating and Cooling in North America, and a Global Leader operating six (6) strategically placed manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our full product line also includes pipe in pipe containment systems for environmental control of hazardous fluids, subsea oil gas pipelines and equipment, above and below ground insulated piping systems for industrial applications, liquid leak detection and location for our piping systems and stand alone applications such as computer rooms and data centers.

Helping industry protect the environment through the manufacture and supply of air filtration elements for a worldwide customer base. Midwesco manufactures and sells various filter elements for cartridge collectors and baghouse air filtration and particulate collection systems; markets air filtration related products and accessories; and provides maintenance services comprising dust collector inspection, filter cleaning, and filter replacement. This segment”s products and services are used in utility and industrial coal fired boilers; incinerators and cogeneration plants; and the production of metals, cement, chemicals, and other industrial products.

MFRI results are impressive and unnoticed. For the first 9 months of fiscal 2013, YTD net sales of $173.5 million increased 31% from $132.1 million for the prior year period. Piping Systems sales increased 76%, or $53 million, due to the previously mentioned projects in Saudi Arabia. Filtration Products decreased by $11 million due primarily to reduced domestic demand for fabric filter bags.

EPS from continuing operations was $1.90 for the first 9 months of fiscal 2013 as compared to a loss ($0.55) for the same period in fiscal 2012.

The company’s backlog from continuing operations increased 9.3% or $8 million from October 31, 2012.

President and CEO Bradley Mautner commented, “The demand environment fo Burberry Purses Outlet r Piping Systems remains active and we are now pursuing a wide variety of promising opportunities worldwide of varying size and duration with the aim of diversifying our business from a product, project and geographic point of view. We are also pursuing certain ventures that offer the potential Burberry Purses Outlet over the long term to replicate the success we have had in the Middle East.

Risks for MFRI would be slow replacement of their backlog. However, the CEO seemed optimistic in his comments. Additionally, MFRI has only 7.08 million shares outstanding and a public float of approximately 6 million shares. Lower share structure stocks can be volatile in trading and subject to extreme moves.

A comparable company for MFRI is Donaldson Company, Inc. (DCI). DCI is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts. Founded in 1915, Donaldson is a technology driven company committed to satisfying customer needs for filtration solutions through innovative research and development. Donaldson serves customers in the industrial and engine markets, including dust collection, power generation, specialty filtration, compressed air purifi Burberry Purses Outlet cation, off road equipment, industrial compressors, heavy trucks and light vehicles.

Comparing MFRI and DCI to me shows how undervalued and unnoticed the MFRI results are. DCI did $1.64 in EPS in the most recent fiscal year and trades at $43.46 for a P/E ratio of 26.5. MFRI had more EPS in the first 9 months of fiscal 2013 than DCI had all year. MFRI did $1.90 EPS for the first 9 months of FY 2013. The third quarter was exceptionally strong so assuming that the fourth quarter results would be more like the first two, MFRI may be on track to have EPS of $2.35 for fiscal 2013. MFRI is tra Burberry Purses Outlet ding at $14.35 so that is a P/E ratio of 6.1. A 10 P/E ratio on $2.35 of EPS would be a stock price of $23.50. If one were to apply the DCI P/E ratio of 26.5 to $2.35 of EPS, that would be a stock price of $62.28. Therefore it is easy to see why I think MFRI is an undervalued EPS stock that remains after the bull market run of 2013.

Source: MFRI Inc.: An Undervalued Stock Missed By This Market

Disclosure: I am long MFRI, . I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. (More.)

Burberry Purses Outlet An Undervalued Luxury Brand

An Undervalued Luxury Brand

Coach is one of the most recognized brands in the luxury goods industry. It is a leading marketer of fine accessories for women and men, including handbags, women’s and man’s leatherwear, footwear, travel bags, watches, fragrances and related accessories. Coach was established in 1941 and sold to Sara Lee for $30 million in 1985. Sara Lee Corporation then sold 19.5% of the shares in an IPO in October 2000. It groups its business into 2 segments, namely Direct to Consumer and Indirect. Over 85% of the company’s sales are generated by Direct to Consumer segment, with the majority of the sales coming from selling handbags and accessories.Coach markets itself as selling “accessible luxury” and its pricing strategy for a handbag ranges from $298 Burberry Purses Outlet $1000 which means that its pr Burberry Purses Outlet oduct reaches a larger consumer demographic than other high priced competitors such as Louis Vuitton, Prada which focus on the very wealthy. The strategy of targeting the higher and upper middle income shoppers differentiates Coach from its competitors and also helps to establish it as the poster child of tapping into this global trend of consumers wanting to trade up in the quality and Burberry Purses Outlet style of what they buy.As Warren Buffett says “In business, I am looking for economic castle protected by moats”, Coach has a narrow moat and competitive advantage. It has a strong brand presence in the luxury market and this is not easily eroded by other competitors. New competitors into the luxury brand industry will have to spend a large amount of money and resource to build up brand awareness a Burberry Purses Outlet nd image. There is also consumer loyalty as Coach has been delivering high quality products that is simple, reliable and perceived value for the money.To further grow the business, Coach has outlined its strategy of (i) raising its brand awareness and market share in under penetrated Asian market with China being the top targeted market (ii) growing its woman’s business in North America and European market (iii) increasing its men’s business in North America and Asia (iv) maximizing e commerce salesWhy is Coach a screaming buy?Coach is a great company to invest in for a multitude of reasons. Coach has executed its strategy successfully over the past decade. Its revenue has grown progressively every year at a compounded growth rate of 21%. This is a mean feat considering that it is in a highly competitive sector. It has also showed that it is able to grow through strong or weak economies as evident by the increase in sales in 2009. The ability to keep increasing revenue shows the strength of its pricing strategy.

Burberry Purses Outlet An underground fake condom fac

An underground fake condom factory

Dusty condoms lie on the floor, old oil cans are used to store lubricant, shirtless workers handle fake brand wrappersWelcome to an illegal condom factory in Shaoyang, China.

Condoms were stored carelessly in dirty plastic bags in the 20m2 chinese workshop. Fake brand wrappers were produced daily on the production line. Eight illegal immigrants ran the factory from 8am to 6pm. The entire stock is worth 536,000 yuans (53,000 euros), making it the largest stock of counterfeit medical equipment in the Hunan province.

According t Burberry Purses Outlet o one of the suspects arrested, the underground factory has already sold more than 40,000 boxes, or 480,000 condoms in the Hunan and neighbouring provinces of Guangdong and Hubei. Lubricant must be kept in a Burberry Purses Outlet sterile plastic container Burberry Purses Outlet compatible with the water and glycerine it is made of. On the other hand, loose condoms in a plastic bag are no big deal: condoms themselves are not sterile. Attempting Burberry Purses Outlet to sterilize them would make them porous.

Using counterfeit condoms is very dangerous: if it’s porous, it won’t stop viruses such as AIDS, syphilis and all other sorts of STDs.

Burberry Purses Outlet An Ultimate Solution for Error

An Ultimate Solution for Error in Connectivity

Udgaende Server An Ultimate Solution for Error in ConnectivityUser Rating: / 0

PoorBest Hardware EquipmentWritten by Rio Lee Wednesday, 21 March 2012 02:41

You had tough time sending important mails to your boss; just because your server met with some major errors. It had almost become a matter of life and death for you. You had the Burberry Purses Outlet least clue that an udgaende server can bridge the gap btween you and your superior. Errors of different kinds may show up to you and being a lay man you might not even know that your server itself is limiting you from proceeding further with your emails. Oops, that sounds like tragedy!! In such cases the udgaende mail server proves to be beneficial for people who need to stay connected 24X7.

Udgaende Server Your one stop solution for mail sending

If you are unable to send emails at desired mail addresses and are getting bored with it, its time you rethink and come to a conclusion. The server is mainly designed to establish fluency in connectivity. Some of the major errors that might emerge while you are sending mails are discussed below:

When your internet connectivity is disrupted all of a sudden

If your account settings are faulty and incorrect

Inability to connect with your email server

Failure of the POP3 server and more

Irrespective Burberry Purses Outlet of Burberry Purses Outlet the size of the business or your profession, this unique mail SMTP server offers best values to assist in keeping connectivity unperturbed all the while. The udgaende server is the most flexible option for individuals to communicate with people through i Pads, smartphones and PCs. You don’t have to alter your server setting every time an error crops up. No matter how far you are, the server helps you connect with the rest of the world at ease.

How this special Mail SMTP Server works

The email at first drops into the server followed by, the delivery of the former to the email transfer agent. The destination address is verified thoroughly. Post checking of the authentication results emails are sent to the delivery agent. This way the udgaende serv Burberry Purses Outlet er helps reach your emails to the ideal address. Email sending hassles have become too common these days, a reason why people seek benefits of the advanced server. The udgaende SMTP server is there to extend help for all those who look forward to taking their business to a new level by establishing fluent connectivity. Communication over the internet wouldn’t have been possible had there been no existence of email servers. In fact the virtual world would have broken down in front of our eyes.

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Burberry Purses Outlet An ultimate guide to wildlife

An ultimate guide to wildlife Company Briefs at afaqs

New Delhi, January 4, 2013

Starting this January, viewers can pack their Burberry Purses Outlet bags and get set for a unique journey into the wild with Animal Planet s upcoming programming line up Animal Planet A Z. From adept hunters to the calm herbivores, this 52 weeks programming line up will traverse viewers into the thrilling world of wild.

Starting January 7th, Animal Planet will bring a visual treat on variety of animals through its new series Animal Planet A Z, every night at 10 pm.

Announcing the launch of the series, Rahul Johri, senior vice president and general manager South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific said, ANIMAL PLANET A Z brings a comprehensive hour of ultimate wildlife programming which will appeal to the viewers with its exciting content. With viewers getting multiple choices of entertainment, the best quality programming will get the biggest traction from them.

The channel will dedicate one week to each animal. This unexampled line up of Animal Planet A Z will take viewers onto a wild expedition that features the details of one particular animal every week, covering from A to Z of varied species. A for Anaconda, B for Bears, C for Crocodiles, D for Dog, E for Elephants and many more each week will encapsulate the animal s habitat, nature, wild attacks. Wild animals do not occupy the whole list, as the programmes will also include aquatic creatures like Fish and untamed participants in the list the monstrous bugs found in the forests.

Viewers will also join Animal Planet s renowned wildlife explorers and experts like Nigel Marvin, Jeff Corwin, Dave Salmoni, Austin Steven as they travel to different countries, observing different wildlife.

Some of the animals featured in the Show:

A ANACONDA Jan 7 to Burberry Purses Outlet Jan 13

Anaconda, or Water Boa, is a water snake of Central and tropical South America. Anacondas kill their prey birds and small reptiles and mammals by squeezing them until they suffocate, or by drowning them. Anacondas are not poisonous. Anacondas prey on turtles, birds, mammals, and small Caymans South American crocodiles.

E ELEPHANT Feb 4 to Feb 10

Three species make up the Elephantidea family. African and Asia Burberry Purses Outlet tic elephants roam savannas and light forests while the African forest elephant mainly lives in African rain forests. African elephants are the largest animals on land. The Asian and African forest elephants are slightly smaller. African elephants also have larger ears, which are used for cooling their massive bodies.

F FISH Feb 11 to Feb 17

How do fish breathe underwater? What are their fins for? How do they swim? Can certain fish breathe air or survive on land? How many types of fish are there, and what are they? What is the world’s smallest fish? What’s the biggest? Find out the answers to all these and many more questions in Animal Planet’s ultimate guide to fish. Go nose to nose with an unwelcome great white shark, watch an eel bite off a human thumb, get an up close look at how stingrays are put together, track giant, fi Burberry Purses Outlet lter feeding basking sharks and much more.

G GRIZZILES Feb 18 to Feb 24

The grizzly bear, sometimes known as the silver tip bear, has traditionally been considered a subspecies of the brown bear, but this classification is in dispute. A distinctive shoulder hump of muscle sets the grizzly apart from the black bear. Grizzly bears also have concave faces and famously long claws. Grizzly bears are not picky eaters and will consume vegetation and animals, including grasses, roots, berries, fish, and small and large mammals.

H HYENA Feb 25 to Mar 3

Hyena, a large, strong, flesh eating mammal is native to the Eastern Hemisphere. The brown hyena of southern Africa is about the same size as the striped. It has long, erect ears with coarse, short, bristly, brownish gray colored hair that covers most of the hyena’s body. The animal appears to be humpbacked because its hind legs are shorter than its front legs.

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