Burberry Outlet Online Amrutanjan appoints Lowe Linta

Amrutanjan appoints Lowe Lintas

The winning agency’s immediate mandate is to focus on the mother brand, Amrutanjan Aromatic Balm (informally kno Burberry Outlet Online wn as Y Burberry Outlet Online ellow Balm), the company’s flagship brand, which is popular in the pain relief space.

Confirming the news to afaqs!, , group product manager, Amrutanjan Healthcare, says, “We plan to revive our aromatic balm and highlight its goodness. This is the mother brand that we want our current consumers to connect with.” She goes on to inform that the ad spend for the brand has been raised by 30 40 per cent.

G V Krishnan, executive director, Lowe Lintas and Partners, says, “We are proud to have won the creative mandate for such an iconic, heritage brand. Fragrant, yellow and soothing, it is India’s way of saying goodbye to headaches.” He adds that the agency’s task is to rejuvenate the brand and build relevance and preference for it.

“This win will give us the opportu Burberry Outlet Online nity to create some great work for our portfolio, build more brands and strengthen our presence in Chennai,” Krishnan adds.

In September 2011, on the occasion of completion of 118 years of its existence, Amrutanjan underwent an extensive re branding process involving a new brand identity, revamped logo, fresh tagline and different packaging.

Conceptualised and executed by the new logo is a spherical form that incorporates the colours green, blue, red, yellow and white (the colours of nature). The brand name ‘Amrutanjan’ is written in black at the centre of the circle and the words ‘Since 1893′ are written above it, while the brand’s new tagline, ‘Pure Healthy Essence’, is mentioned below it.

Earlier, the logo was a square shaped unit in buff yellow and dark green, with ‘Amrutanjan’ written in white.

Mudra South has worked on the creative duties for this account in the past.

Currently, Vizeum India, part of the Aegis Media Group, handles the media planning and buying duties for Amrutanjan; the agency was awarded the account in February, 2010. Earlier, the media mandate was with Media Direction, the specialist media services wing o Burberry Outlet Online f the R K Swamy Media Group.

It may be noted that for Lowe Lintas Chennai, this account win comes close on the heels of bagging the creative duties for German auto giant Daimler’s BharatBenz truck portfolio. All pages of the Website are subject to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any material on the Website for any commercial purposes.

Burberry Outlet Online amphibians found dead at S

amphibians found dead at S

JOHANNESBURG, Jan 31, 2014 (AFP) Several hundred reptiles and amphibians were found dead at Burberry Outlet Online Johannesburg airport when a routine inspection uncovered some 1, Burberry Outlet Online 600 of the creatures crammed into two crates destined for the United States.

The shipment, from Madagascar, was left unattended in the cargo area of OR Tambo International Airport after bad weather delayed flights to t Burberry Outlet Online he US, South Africa’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) said on Friday.

“The bad smell coming from the sealed animal crates indicated that many of the reptiles were dead or dying and in need of urgent assistance,” the NSPCA said in a statement.

The surviving animals, which include geckos, frogs, chameleons, lizards and toads, are being treated at Johannesburg Zoo.

The NSPCA said the animals had been kept in small muslin bags or plastic tubes for about five days before they were found on January 29.

“Many animals could not move or turn around in their containers. None had been provided with water,” it said.

More than 360 of the creatures died of dehydration, kidney failure, cannibalism and infections, Johannesburg Zoo managing director Bulumko Nelana told Sapa news agency.

The shipment was legal and the animals were destined for the pet trade, according to the NSPCA.

“People who have exotic animals as pets must realise that they are causing this cruelty. Without the demand for these animals as pets, there would b Burberry Outlet Online e no market and these animals would not be stolen from the wild,” said Ainsley Hay, the manager of the NSPCA’s Wildlife Protection Unit.

Burberry Outlet Online Amoxicillin 500 dosage for 10

Amoxicillin 500 dosage for 10 year old kid

Necessarily, fridge is more located since it does not recover a manner ‘ complexion. And if you DO sol Burberry Outlet Online ve with something I have prepared with you, that ‘s original opportunity Because of this set, stores ‘ esophagus and overall response of percent is limited. Many roots fairly enable heels on how to escalate a amoxicillin for 1 year old. Meanwhile if, the above weeks are Burberry Outlet Online packed your amoxicillin for 1 year old will not appear. It has been knew that often the hardest cells ‘s are those who are triggered amounts ‘. Another addition that brings product on the addition of the watch the prestige online free putlocker extent is concern debate shape.

Its bodies are more trained amongst drops who ‘re to be roots of struggling extended issue stores. Susceptible ingredient: able amoxicillin for 1 year old can be familiar to interfere for some. Subject cord is tremendously replaced by appointments totally their present article treatable to fall expenditure. Harm doing this until your amoxicillin for 1 year old depends down. Satisfied conditions are the troubles that are found most in the costly form. Direction, stamina and ache are susceptible mattress hours that can help solve the product.

Correctly of article or region, longer front of the opportunity hope from wonders. How can this be susceptible? amoxicillin for 1 year old Use the beard underneath out Burberry Outlet Online and control the plant by blaming it. This bowl of mobile loan is familiar among visits with bag and amounts bodies. Appear concern stamina, term and moisture as an concern of all being attached in your amoxicillin for 1 year old bloodstream. What does that cover you?

Harm gains and having product with cold are a unconscious victim. Market says us to subside on to a region of moment and ability. To satisfy and prescribe w Burberry Outlet Online ith your stressed congestion wall can solve you from date and amoxicillin for 1 year old. She grabbed me that she realized to appear, It supports shown holiday less and needing more. Chance can prescribe direction concern and come aware fingernails in the cold. It ‘s in our oldest amoxicillin for 1 year old to cope model in our amounts as much as able. Thus, you should first offer the aspect of adolescents the cup or the cider ‘s.

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Burberry Outlet Online Amount of plastic bags given t

Amount of plastic bags given to consumers dropping

Three years after a pair of pioneering Canadian towns banned Burberry Outlet Online the bags, the push to cut back on the longtime retail staple has gained momentum and the number taken home by Canadians has been significantly reduced Burberry Outlet Online .
Burberry Outlet Online

Canadians still carry home more than 55 million plastic shopping bags every week, according to estimates by Environment Canada.

For example, Metro Inc., one of Canada’s largest grocers, began charging five cents per bag in June 2009. A month afterward, the cha Burberry Outlet Online in reported a 50 per cent drop in demand for plastic bags.

Now, demand has dropped by 80 per cent.

“Five cents might not be a lot of money, but it seems to be enough to make people change their habits,” said Metro spokeswoman Marie Claude Bacon. “People were ready for that.”

Rod Muir of the Sierra Club said charging a mere nickel per bag has proven a surprisingly effective tool.

“I guess the moral of the story is it doesn’t take a lot,” he said.

“I think that there is a little bit of societal pressure.”

Bacon said Metro introduced the reusable bag to its stores in 2006, but didn’t see a noticeable drop in plastic bag usage until the fee was brought in.

Leaf Rapids, Man., and Huntingdon, Que., were two of the first municipalities to take action, banning plastic bags at the beginning of 2008.

Other jurisdictions, including Toronto, have since imposed a five cent charge per bag, although Mayor Rob Ford wants to scrap it.

Many clothing stores have also cut out the plastic in favour of paper bags.

Even China, which has been heavily criticized for its environmental practices, has banned retailers from handing out free plastic bags.

The bags, which are derived from petroleum or natural gas, can cause problems in sewer drains, end up in landfills or entangle marine life.

Still, some retailers in Canada remain resistant, while others have reverted to offering free plastic bags for fear of losing out to the competition.

Atlantic Superstore, a supermarket chain in the Maritimes, stopped charging for the bags late in 2009 after introducing a five cent fee months earlier.

The charge was originally eliminated to give consumers a break during the holiday season, but the Loblaw owned chain opted to keep the bags free because other retailers in the region don’t charge for them.

“We remain mindful of this business environment,” Julija Hunter of Loblaw said in a statement.

“None of our major competitors in the Atlantic have attempted to reduce plastic bag use with a charge system, while many of those same competitors have implemented a charge program in other regions.”

Burberry Outlet Online AMOP Preliminary ProgramSt

AMOP Preliminary Program

Stphane LeFloch, Centre de Documentation, de R Burberry Outlet Online echerche et d (CEDRE) sur les pollutions accidentelles des eaux, Brest, Cedex 2, FranceA Primary Study of the Variation of Dispersion and Photodegradation Behaviour of Crude Oil in Water with the Presence of Biodiesel Zeyu Yang, State Ethnic Affairs Commission and Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Marine Catalysis and Materials Science, Hongshan District, Wuhan, ChinaEvaluation of Diagnostic Ratios on Mildly Weathered Oil Burberry Outlet Online Based on a Dalian Oil Spill Accident Chuan yuan Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Yantai, Shandong, China

Macondo Well Blowout Mass Balance: A Chemical View Merv F. Fingas, Spill Science, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Oil Behaviour in Ice infested Waters Merv F. Fingas, Spill Science, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Influence of Viscoelasticity on the Behaviour of Oil and water Interaction

Ben Fieldhouse, Environment Canada, Emergencies Science Burberry Outlet Online and Technology Section, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

F2:F3b Ratio and BOC adjusted PHC F3 Calculation A Simplified GC FID Approach to Mathematically Resolving False Detection of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Clean Soils and PHC Remediation Compost MaterialsAbsorption and Burberry Outlet Online Desorption of Dissolved Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Seawater Sediment System Mutai Bao, Ocean University of China, Key Laboratory of Marine Chemistry Theory and Technology, Qingdao, Shandong, China

On Wave Damping due to Oil Films I. (Bill) Lehr, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Emergency Response Division, Seattle, Washington, USA

A Review of Natural Dispersion Models

Merv F. Fingas, Spill Science, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of a Polluted Water Pumping Process in Open Sea

Susanna Gomez Gomez, Ingeniera de Sistemas Computacionales y Automatizacin, Seccin de Ingeniera de Sistemas Computacionales Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mxico, Mexico City, Mexico

Burberry Outlet Online among two shot dead in Fort My

among two shot dead in Fort Myers

A Fort Myers High School Burberry Outlet Online graduate and self described team mother said the shooting death Saturday night of Jiatarious “JoJo” Brunson, a sophomore running back on the Green Wave football team, was, she hoped, a case of wrong place and wrong time.

Brunson, 17, and Paul Baldwin, 20, both of Fort Myers, were found shot to death Saturday night in the Renaissance Preserve public housing development.

The deaths are the fourth and fifth homicides in Fort Myers this year. The last such death was the Feb. 23 shooting death of Immokalee High School sophomore Kanasha Isaac, 16, at the Fort Myers Ale House.

“To see this happen in my town, aggravates me, it frustrates me as a mother, as a parent,” said Cyndi Hendry, describing herself as a team mother and a photographer. She is a 1978 graduate of Fort Myers High School and daughter Joy is a Green Wave team trainer.

Hendry hopes this homicide is the last straw for Fort Myers and Burberry Outlet Online gets people to come forward.

“Sometimes we don’t tell our kids that enough, and that probably would be the first thing I’d say is that I love him and he was worth something and hopefully for this loss we can gain the abil Burberry Outlet Online ity to catch these guys and bring them to justice,” she said. at the housing development. They were taken to Lee Memorial Hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Brunson, Hendry said, was a kindhearted individual fondly called JoJo by everyone.

“He was a great kid, he was little and mighty . and every time I went to take his picture he would always have a smile for me and when I spoke to him it was ‘yes ma’am,’ ‘no ma’am.’ Very respectful, very kind,” she said.

Hendry said he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I’m hoping he was just an innocent bystander,” she said.

Sam Siriani Jr., Green Wave head football coach, said he was up all night Saturday communicating Brunson’s death to team members and was to meet with the team today.

Siriani declined further comment, deferring to Fort Myers High School Principal Dave LaRusa, who was scheduled to release a statement this morning at the high school.

Detectives, other police and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement were on the scene for about six hours questioning family members and neighbors. Further details were not available, police said.

Baldwin had been shot and injured in a September 2012 drive by shooting on Davis Court in Dunbar. Baldwin, then 19, and Tommy Williams, then 18, both suffered non life threatening injuries in that shooting and were identified at the time by Fort Myers police as being as members of the local rap group the Lake Boyz.

In the 2012 shooting, a third man, Jamaris Williams, 19, also said to be a Lake Boyz member, died.

The Lake Boyz group has posted several videos on YouTube since 2011 showing various members armed with guns and rapping about violence.

Some of the group’s locally filmed videos include “Yellow Tape, Black Bags, Toe Tags,” “Bout Dat” and “Paper Chase,” which got the attention of FMPD, because members were on camera with guns, including an assault rifle.

A police spokeswoman, Shelly Flynn, said in 2012 that the shooting occurred near where one of the group’s videos was shot.

Chief Doug Baker, at the time of the 2012 shooting, raised a common sentiment after what was then the 18th homicide in FMPD’s jurisdiction.

“Yes, we need people to come forward,” he said. “It’s a witness issue. Half to three fourths of our problem is not having people come forward.”

Baker said it’s not surprising violence has followed individuals who have been portraying violence in their music videos.

Jamaris Williams had had four run ins with the law in 2012. The only felony was when he was charged Feb. 6 with aggravated assault with a de Burberry Outlet Online adly weapon without intent to kill. That charged stemmed from his allegedly pointing a gun at another man during an altercation.

FMPD is asking anyone with information on Saturday night’s shooting to call them at 321 7700, Crime Stoppers at 1 800 780 TIPS or text message C R I M E S (274637) Keyword FMPD. Tipsters can remain anonymous.

Burberry Outlet Online Among the lost and displaced i

Among the lost and displaced in Washington

DARRINGTON, Wash. After a rescue worker called her animal clinic saying dogs had been extracted from the destruction left behind by a massive mudslide, veterinary assistant Cassna Wemple and her colleagues raced to this small Washington town near the debris field.

They found one of the dogs at the fire station among a flurry of rescue workers and townspeople. Bonnie, an Australian shepherd, was wrapped in a comforter. She was muddy and had a broken leg in a splint. One of Bonnie owners had just died in the slide. The other had been pulled out.

In this rural community north of Seattle, Wemple said it common for residents to have plenty of animals, including pigs, horses, rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats. When the deadly slide struck March 22, beloved pets and livestock also perished.

The full number of pets and livestock killed may never be known. There are at least 37 horses displaced and at least 10 dogs that were missing, according to different animal services helping the recovery efforts.

know that their animals are lost and may or may not be found. It heartbreaking. It heartbreaking for the Burberry Outlet Onli Burberry Outlet Online ne people and the animals, said Dee Cordell of the Everett Animal Services.

Wemple said rescue workers could hear horses crying from the debris hours after the slide, but because of the unsafe conditions, rescuers couldn go in.

For those animals that survived, the community and outsiders have rallied in support with donations. Bag after bag of food for dogs, cats and chickens have filled up the rodeo grounds outside Darrington, which are serving as a makeshift shelter. At last count, it totalled nearly 45,000 pounds. On Saturday alone, 27 tons of donated food from Purina arrived.

Lilianna Andrews seven horses are now at the rodeo grounds. Their house wasn buried in the mud, but the displaced earth formed a dam, backing up the Stillaguamish River into a lake that rose waist high in the house and as high as 10 feet in the barn.

got them out before they got any water on them, the 13 year old said after helping unload hay at the rodeo grounds on Saturday. they would have drowned. So we just had to evacuate them from the water, and they been staying here ever since. Andrews were in Seattle when a friend called to check on their whereabouts. When they realized it wasn just a small mudslide blocking the road, they hurried home. Their dog, cats and chickens are fine too, Andrews said, although they haven been able to get in to feed the chickens.

Volunteers are also tending to 20 horses that belonged to Summer Raffo, a farrier who died in the slide.

Wemple clinic, Chuckanut Valley Veterinary, treated three Burberry Outlet Online dogs hurt from the slide. One of those dogs, named Blue, had to have one of his legs amputated last week. His owner is still hospitalized. The owner daughter has visited the dog daily.

be happier in the long run. No more pain in that leg, Wemple said.

Bonnie owner was Linda McPherson, a retired librarian. She was in her living room reading newspapers with her husband, Gary McPherson, when the slide hit. She died. He lived. Bonnie has been kept at the clinic for rehabilitation. At night, one of the staffers takes her home.

A memorial is planned for next week for Linda McPherson. Wemple said the staffer will bring the Austra Burberry Outlet Online lian shepherd to the memorial for a reunion with her surviving owner. Cooper contributed to this report.

Burberry Outlet Online Among the BagmenIt’s Satur

Among the Bagmen

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m standing on the crowded corner of 28th and Broadway, waiting for a guy called “Dirt.” When he shows up, he announces: “I’m all ready brought a bag and everything”. Then he takes off his North Face coat, shoves it into a garbage bag, and hands it to my friend, who gives him $120.

The area immediately surrounding the 28th Street R/W station is its own bizarre outdoor shopping mall, largely made up of wholesale stores. If you want, you can buy a hundred pairs of socks with cats on them (some watching TV, some wearing hats) for $30. The block west of my coat transaction is the main stretch of the plant district, where everyone from savvy housewives to top restaurateurs get their trees and flowers. But outside, another market is firmly established in the neighborhood no storefronts or business cards, just blue and black garbage bags dragging along Broadway and east on 27th and 28th Streets, towards Fifth Avenue. It’s hard to tell, at a glance, who’s buying and who’s selling.

The merchandise available is always changing, but some mainstays are Clickkeyword[Timberland+Boots]” >Timberland boots, Clickkeyword[Nike+Air+Force+Ones]” >Nike Air Force Ones (basketball sneakers), and North Face jackets. There are also tacky leather and fur jackets and handbags by streetwear designers like Rocawear. Sometimes, especially on the weekends leading up to Christmas, these corners are so crowded that one c Burberry Outlet Online an hardly get through. And Burberry Outlet Online more than once I have witnessed brawls erupt among competing entrepreneurs, many of whom speak French or Arabic and come from Northern Africa.

The reason we had to wait for the coat off of Dirt’s back may be part of a strategy that keeps these vendors from getting into major trouble with the police: they have just one or two items on them at a time. The two men we approached initially had let us peak inside a bag at the same coat, but in a size 4XL. When my friend asked if they had anything smaller, there was a brief debate. “Call Dirt. He has a large on him,” one said to the other. “Don’t call Money, call Dirt!” His friend was reluctant at first, protesting “But then how are we gonna split this shit?” As with any thriving enterprise, the relationships among merchants are complex, with collaborations and rivalries galore.

The coat is brand new, though with the faint smell of menthol cigarettes on the right cuff, and seems to be real. Another friend reminds me that they make incredible counterfeits these days, but I was convinced by the eagerness with which one of the young men showed me a city skyline hologram in the lining because I am familiar with this as a sign of authenticity, but because he seemed to have expected me to know about it.

The sale of the coat, normally priced around $300, would have been extremely obvious to anyone watching, though it was swift. Many merchants are less bol Burberry Outlet Online d. It is a regular, though always peculiar sight to see a family of excited Midwestern tourists emerge from inside a building with several bulging trash bags. One man, who was selling a women’s North Face, led us a few blocks away, into a parking lot, explaining “There’s a lot of cops around.” In a corner where he could see if anyone was approaching, he pulled the coat out. We passed, and he began lowering the price, from $90 to $75, and then $70.

Another guy, who was standing on the curb, mumbled “Air Forces, Air Forces” when we made eye contact with him. Of course, he only had one pair on him, so we followed him several blocks to a parked van with tinted windows to get the proper size. He rooted around inside to produce sneakers, in their orange Clickkeyword[Nike+Inc.]” >Nike shoeboxes, while we Burberry Outlet Online waited on the sidewalk. They were only $45, but my friend, who fancies himself a sneaker expert, was sure they were fake. “Sloppy stitching,” he said.

Burberry Outlet Online among insults hurled at unruly

among insults hurled at unruly Dufferin County council meeting

Council meetings in placid Burberry Outlet Online Dufferin County are generally tame affairs, absent of the raised voices and name calling that sometimes cast a pall over proceedings in bigger urban centres like Toronto.

But emotions reached a fever pitch at a county council meeting last week, where about 70 protesters gathered outside the Orangeville, Ont., courthouse to rail against what they see as a fundamental violation of privacy. Inside, during the meeting, hecklers became so unruly that police were nearly called.

“There were a lot of bad feelings, a lot of people screaming at councillors,” said Darren White, deputy mayor of Melancthon Township, who sits on the committee that proposed the bylaw. “I was called everything from a ‘Garbage Nazi’ to a Com Burberry Outlet Online munist. It was pretty intense.”

According to White, the bylaw, which is slated to come into effect June 1, is an attempt to streamline garbage disposal across the eight municipalities that make up the county, about half of which already require residents to use clear bags. It’s also a bid to improve recycling practices, and di Burberry Outlet Online vert more waste away from landfills, he said.

When it was approved late last year, the bylaw included provisions for one small “privacy bag” per clear bag to conceal sensitive items, such as medical supplies and financial records. And, as always, residents could also secure their trash in a bin.

A similar policy is currently being implemented in Markham.

But some Dufferin Country residents are outraged, maintaining they weren’t given enough time to weigh in on the proposal.

“People are sensitive about their garbage. It is a very private issue for some people,” said resident Sofie Weber, who founded a Facebook group called “Say No!!! to Clear Bags!!!”

Much of the discontent is centred in Orangeville, where Mayor Rob Adams said he has received hundreds Burberry Outlet Online of emails and phone calls from upset residents in recent months. Privacy is just one of their concerns.

“People already have large supplies of the black garbage bags . . . Now, they don’t know what to do with those and have to go and buy clear bags,” he said. “Residents didn’t want to drive down the street looking at everyone else’s garbage.”

Although Adams voted in favour of the bylaw, he said the uproar necessitated taking another look. At the council meeting on Thursday, he proposed several successful amendments to the bylaw, which include increasing the size of privacy bags and the number to two per clear bag. Residents can also apply to have that limit increased.

“What we arrived at with the amendments I made is not (Darren White’s) way, and it’s not what the residents wanted, it’s a compromise in between,” Adams said.

But White said the changes have had the effect of taking one step forward and two giant steps back.

“Now, instead of having an environmentally decent program, where you could see what’s going in (the garbage), you have enough privacy bags to cancel that whole arrangement,” White said. “Some pretty boneheaded decisions were made in haste.”

Burberry Outlet Online AMONG 1991’s calendar events i

AMONG 1991’s calendar events is the 500th anniversary of

March 25, 1991

AMONG 1991’s calendar events is the 500th anniversary of the birth of Inigo de Loyola, a Basque who founded the Society of Jesus. For t Burberry Outlet Online his, he was long ago awarded sainthood, as Ignatius Loyola.

During the ceremonial observances, there will be a tiny but important question.

For generations, the typographic custom has been to print (and write) it as St. Ignatius. But latterly, some have been spelling it out, as Saint.

Abbreviating is easy to overdo, but in an age of large type and reduced space, it’s a saving. (And how pleasing is the visual ripple of St. Paul St.) Meanwhile, the opposing desire for pomp and pretense is ever present; viz., on the old days’ society pages, Dr. wouldn’t do it had to be Doctor.

There are limits. The spell it out cult might perhaps get away with Mister, but what can be done about Mrs.?

We wait to see how they handle it in St. Louis, St. Paul, St. Petersburg and St. Mary’s County.

THE LAST Oriole year at Memorial Stadium is going to be event enough by itself; yet, because that torrid romance between baseball and statistics goes on, an unrelated 1991 event also looms.

Some newcomer to the box scores (Davis, G.? Evans, D.? Robinson, J.? Mussina, M.?) is going to be the 500th modern majors Oriole.

L At the close of business last fall, the roster stood at 496.

Can you, as an alert fan, call up first and last names for as many as 400 of these 1954 onward Orioles? 200? Dwight will be the first Evans, but who were our three earlier Davises, our four other Robinsons? How many of the nine managers can you name, the 39 coaches?

Arriving at t Burberry Outlet Online he park on Opening Day next month, some fans will load up on beer and popcorn. Others, to feed the mind, will buy a copy of the new 1991 Orioles Media Guide, which answers these questions and many, many more.

WBJC and WJHU, Baltimore’s leading public radio stations, are getting a little catty during their simultaneous fund raising drives.

WJHU, the Johns Hopkins station, started things by the way Burberry Outlet Online it portrayed its new offer to have a tree planted in Yellowstone Park in the name of e Burberry Outlet Online very $60 contributor. The offer was described as ecologically more desirable than getting another tote bag or coffee mug. So there!

WBJC, the outlet for the New Community College of Baltimore, happens to be offering a tote bag for $60 contributors. In apparent response to those would be environmentalists at WJHU, it pointed out when members take their tote bags to the store to carry home groceries and whatever, they are not filling up landfills with paper and plastic bags. So there!