Burberry Handbags Outlet and surpass the 1 million mark

and surpass the 1 million mark

As we noted last week, youth groups helping the ecology organization Great River Greening have been working for three years to collect 1 million acorns to be planted in area forests.

On Saturday, they reached their goal.

Bob Viking of the Greening group reports that more than 900,000 acorns were collected this year, bringing the three year total to 1,377,000. (They don’t actually count every one; big bags are weighe Burberry Handbags Outlet trong> Burberry Handbags Outlet d and calculations made. They figure 300 acorns to a pound.)

Students from Sunrise Middle School in White Bear Lake collected the most this Burberry Handbags Outlet year 177,900 and thus collected a $500 prize for themselves. Sunrise also won the challenge in 2007. (I attended Sunrise a while back, when it was a junior high.)

Acorns collected by the youth groups were planted at Como Park in 2007 and at Afton State Park last year. This year, many will go t Burberry Handbags Outlet o Afton again for an oak restoration project, while some will be planted in forests in Scott and Isanti counties.

Burberry Handbags Outlet And Sugar Decline While Cotton

And Sugar Decline While Cotton Rallies

By Edward Faubert

Coffee prices as measured by the ICE futures contract finished the first quarter at $1.3715 a pound, down 15 cents, or 10%, on the quarter. The market has been in a downtrend for almost two years since a peak of over $3.00 a pound. The harvests in Central America are now mostly complete. Producers from Central America, and notably from Brazil, have been reluctant to follow the market down. As a result, cash market premiums have firmed and new export sales have slowed during the past two months.

However, this backlog of selling is now likely to dampen any rally in the short term. Traders are now beginning to focus on Brazil’s 2013 harvest, which begins in May in the Southern Hemisphere. Brazil is by far the world’s largest coffee producer, producing rou Burberry Handbags Outlet ghly one third of total world production, and many traders are expecting a near record crop of between 50 to 53 million 60 kg bags.

Money managers have added slightly to their very profitable short positions, originally established back in the last quarter of 2012 around 20 to 25 cents higher than today’s values. They are currently net short 26,000 lots compared with net short 22,000 lots three months earlier.

Cocoa ICE Futures cocoa prices declined during the first quarter by $97 a ton to settle at $2,170 a ton, down 4% over the past three months. The latest forecast from the Intentional Cocoa Organization for the 2012 13 crop year ending Sept. 30 projects the cocoa market will return to a small supply deficit of 45,000 tons compared to a surplus of 90,000 tons a year earlier. The anticipated deficit reflects a projected increase in world grindings by 60,000 tons and a decrease in production of 72,000 tons. A deficit of only 45,000 tons is not sufficient to put much of a dent in world stocks, which finished last year at a comfortable 48% of use.

Cocoa traders remain concerned Burberry Handbags Outlet over sluggish consumption, especially in Europe, the largest chocolate consumer. Both Ghana and the Ivory Coast purchases have been running below expectations, and a strong midcrop will be needed to keep pace with expected production and exports for the season. Money managers seem to have thrown in the towel, reducing their longs to 13,000 lots compared with net long 39,000 lots three months earlier.

Cotton Cotton prices as measured by the ICE Futures No. 2 contract finished the first quarter at 88.46 cents a pound, a substantial increase of 12.23 cents a pound, or 16%, during the quarter. Prices had found a trading range during the second half of 2012 between 70 and 78 cents a pound before breaking out in early January. The USDA estimates total world production for the 2012 13 crop year ending July 31 to be 26.09 million tons compared with 25.90 million tons a year earlier. Estimates for ending stocks came in at 17.80 million tons, just slightly off last year’s all time record of 17.82 million tons.

Traders (at least the bulls) point out that much of the stocks are in tightly held Chinese government hands, and therefore not necessarily readily available to global markets. Money managers, perhaps more than fundamentals, have been moving prices higher by building long positions from 10,000 lots six months ago to 27,000 lots three months ago to currently 63,000 lots, representing a substantial 30% of the open interest.

Sugar International sugar prices as measured by ICE Futures No. 11 contract finished the first quarter at 17.66 cents a pound, down 2.10 cents, or 10%, during the quarter. Prospects for a fourth year of surplus production, specifically from Brazil and Asia, have driven sugar prices to a 32 month low. Large anticipated increases in production from Brazil by as much as 5 million tons and an increase from China of 2 million tons have pressured prices.

Traders are now eyeing sugar beet planting intentions in North America and Europe. However, intentions are one thing and plantings another, as sliding prices can encourage a shift to more profit Burberry Handbags Outlet able alternative crops. Money managers had been holding unprofitable long positions for almost nine months but have now reversed their positions to net short 29,275 lots, compared with net long 25,000 lots three months ago and net long 107,000 lots six months earlier.

Individual ETFs are available for the commodities describ Burberry Handbags Outlet ed above: Coffee The Dow Jones UBS Coffee ETN issued by Barclays iPath (JO) and the Pure Beta Coffee ETN also issued by Barclay iPath (CAFE) Cocoa The Dow Jones AIG Cocoa Subindex (NIB) and the iPath Pure Beta Cocoa ETN (CHOC) Cotton The iPath Dow Jones UBS Cotton Total Return Sub Index (BAL) and the iPath Pure Beta Cotton (CTNN) Sugar The Dow Jones AIG Sugar Total Return Sub Index (SGG), the iPath Pure Beta Sugar (SGAR), and the Teucrium Sugar Fund (CANE)

Burberry Handbags Outlet and StrainsJoe DiMaggio Ch

and Strains

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Burberry Handbags Outlet and still finding time for hob

and still finding time for hobbies

This was the coldest morning since we are back in the Alsace. I should have worn some gloves on our early morning walk but I do not like wearing them and also, I wanted to take some pictures because it was gloriously sunny although the north eastern wind was very cold. In the shade there were still some patches of frost. Fortunately the fruit trees in the garden do not seem to have had any problems with this. The cherry blossom is nearly finished, the apple blossom out in full and the plums on the way back. So, hopefully we will have some fruit this year because the freezer is running pretty low now due to the fact that we had nothing last year! Normally, when we come back to the Alsace in early April the mirabelle trees behind the house are in full bloom this year they had finished flowering already! Last year everything was at least six weeks late this year they are a few weeks early!Since we are back we have been able to take Tuppy out for a long walk every morning no rain! She particularly likes the first part where we walk up from the house to the field. There is always a lot of scratching going on and grass and soil is flying all over the place. This is probably where all the smells are of the animals that come around during the night like badgers (you can see the track where they come down) and probably some other night creatures like house martins. I know these little creatures live arounf here and they have cost me a small fortune: I had to have a special ultra sound device put in my car to stop them eating through the cables. Further on in the field you can see where wild pigs have been rooting and of course there are the deer.This morning I had to take my camera with me to take some pictures:Alan standing in front of a pear tree gone wild.Tuppy, curious about what I am doing.All the yellow patches in the field are cowslips. It is too early for the dandelions to be open and there do not (yet) seem to be many buttercups.Patches of wild orchids. Every year there seem to be more and more patches of these orchids although the field has less wild flowers than when we first came here. Artificial fertilizer was used about ten year ago. I think it was used only for one or two years but it has taken a long time for the wild flowers to come back again. When we first moved here I could pick armsful of wild flowers and decorate the whole house with them. Now, more and more fields are used for agricultural purposes.I do not know the name of these little blue flowers but there are patches all over the field. Not to replace Aischa, which would not be possible because she was such a great little thing and gave us so much love and pl Burberry Handbags Outlet easure, but to fill the empty space she left behind. I suppose just like the empty nest syndrome when the children leave home.I looked on the Internet and found a lot of puppies but because we will be leaving for France at the end of March we were very restricted in our choise. You cannot leave a young puppy overnight in a (still) strange car on the ferry and you cannot take any dogs into your cabin. We found out from Aischa and Krmmel that the kennels on the ferries are very stressful, even more so than being left in a car they knew. Also, because we are travelling a lot by car, I did not w Burberry Handbags Outlet ant a large Yorkshire terrier, not more than 3 kg when fully grown and it had to be a bitch. So when I found this ad about a 2 year old Yorkshire terrier bitch in Leeds, we called to find out why they had to get rid of the dog and were told by the son that it was his mother’s dog. His mother was 85 years old and had been in and out of hospital since Christmas and he did not have the time to look after the dog.The next day we went to Leeds to have a look. As Leeds is about a 3.5 hrs drive from where we are in the Scottish borders we set off early in the morning. It turned out to be an even longer drive than anticipated. We were stopped by the police just before the english border and told that there had been an accident further on and that the road would be closed for at least another 2 hours. We had to make a detour which put more than an hour onto our trip but I did enjoy it and saw an area I had not seen before the Kielder water. A huge lake in beautiful surrounding but with mostly secondary roads!With the help of my newly installed Tomtom on my iPad we reached the address in Leeds and saw the dog. A little beauty, very sweet tempered, still very playful, about the size of Aischa but a different colouring. There was no way that we would leave without this little treasure.When we came home that evening and put her on the grass for a weewee I could foresee problems with long walks because her legs looked very short and I also thought that something had been done to her tail because I could not see it porperly. The next morning, however, she looked completely different and I realised that she was keeping her tail between her legs and crouches down when she is frightened.That morning we took her for a longish walk around some fields and there was no problem of her not following or not wanting to walk. She loved it! Only when a particular scent was too strong she was more interested in that than in us. She took to walking like a duck to water. I don’t think she got a lot of proper walks up to now but was used to being a lapdog. She has a beautiful coat more silvery than Aischa and Krmmel had.We took her to the vet yesterday where she got a thorough health checkup, part of the injections she needs, a microchip, etc., all she needs for cross border travelling.She can jump higher than Aischa could and has no problems finding the best places for a nap in the house. She follows me all over. When I get up and think she is asleep she is already standing behind me. At the moment she is curl Burberry Handbags Outlet ed up behind my feet so that I have to be careful getting up I went to France for only a week and when I left on the Wednesday she still looked okay. However, thinking back her deterioration started already on the way from Ireland to Scotland and probably even before that. When we spent the night in a B before taking the ferry the next morning in Belfast, she did not want to eat. I thought this was because I only gave her the biscuits and not the home cooked food, which she normally had. She also started drinking more than she used to do.As soon as we arrived in Scotland we took her to the vet because she had been coughing for quite a while. She got antibiotics and cortisone and stopped coughing very quickly. She still did not eat as she normally did but we put this down to the medication.Coming back from our morning walk and while we had our breakfast we used to give her a few of her biscuits which she normally ate very quickly but did not want to have the two days before I left. However, she wanted her bits of banana, which she always got from Alan.While I was in France, Alan told me that she was getting very weak and he would take her to see the vet. The next time I talked to him he told me that they had found out that she had kidney failure und had put her on a drip. When he picked her up on the Saturday she was much better but on the Sunday she was deteriorating again.When I got back from Edinburgh airport on Wednesday late afternoon I was picked up from the bus stop by Sheila, our next door neighbor. She told me that Aischa had become so weak that day that Alan had taken her to the vet to put her to sleep. There they told him that they would put her on a drip again so that I could say goodbye.As the vet surgery is more or less next door to the bus stop I went there immediately. The surgery was already closed for the day but they let me in to see Aischa. As soon as she saw me, her front paw came up so that I could tickle her tommy and when I picked her up she clung on to me.Alan had arranged to pick her up the next morning and talking to the vet he advised me to enjoy the next day with her and have her put to sleep late afternoon.When we picked her up she was not too bad. Coming home and putting her on the grass for a wee, she started sniffing about and was interested in what was going on around her. Once inside and put into her bed, she jumped straight out again and went to the kitchen to have a drink and Alan gave her some food, which she all ate. She even started following me when I went into another room.We took her into the garden later on for another wee, but she did not want to sniff around any longer. We carried her through the garden, showing her all her favourite places for a last time. After that she was fading very quickly and at 3 PM, when the vet came she was very weak. Then it all went very quickly and I suppose we did the Burberry Handbags Outlet best for her but it was very difficult to let her go.

Burberry Handbags Outlet and Space VampiresThankful

and Space Vampires

Thankfully, this week features some choice titles for the DVD Shopping Bag. Sure, there are always picks in the Sci Fi/ Fantasy/ Horror genres. This week, however, is just too encompassing to pick just one title. Instead, I dove right i Burberry Handbags Outlet n and picked three films that I was dying to see. Lifeforce (1985) by Tobe Hooper, The Howling (1981) by Joe Dante, and Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) by Bryan Singer. Three films that caught m Burberry Handbags Outlet y attention, but for some reason I just didn have the time to watch. Thank the maker for this job and the great excuse of having to watch it for work! Let get into them chronologically, shall we?

The Howling (1981) by Joe Dante has been given the royal treatment by Shout! Factory horror division, Scream Factory. I am at the point now that when Scream Factory puts out these Collector Edition Blu rays, I will pick them up. They are the closest thing to a Horror Release we will ever get. Here, The Howling gets its Blu ray debut and it is stunning. What is so surprising about The Howling is that it really is a mystery that unfolds. This isn a werewolf movie, per se. In fact, the werewolves take their time in the revelation and reveal. The film isn perfect, but in the realm of non slasher film early eighties horror, it is gold. It might also be Joe Dante most serious and horrific film in his cannon. All his favorites are here from Robert Picardo to Dick Miller. Though any true film aficionado will take notice of Roger Corman, John Sayles, and the legendary John Carradine.

The Blu ray transfer also highlights the magic of practical effects and the transformation of the werewolves. I really hate to Twilight bash, but their werewolves are terrible and effects/ make up have come along way since 1981. Here, Rick Baker and his crew outshine them and it 31 years prior. The Blu ray is loaded with tons of special features including commentary with Dante and star Dee Wallace Stone. The true fan of The Howling will love the deleted scenes and outtakes.

Lifeforce (1985) by Tobe Hooper is one of those films I discovered because of St Burberry Handbags Outlet ar Trek: The Next Generation. I am huge fan of Patrick Stewart and saw that he was credited in this film. I must have watched it a dozen times and fell asleep every time. That was the peril of working at a video store late and Space Vampires movies being slated for after 2AM on TBS or TNT. Churchill and its investigation of Haley’s Comet. The crew discovers that a ship is in front of it and locked into a strange orbit. Like any good scientists, they investigate all in the name of science.

The film is actually a throw back to late 50 science fiction movies, most notably MGM Queen of Blood (see column). While I marveled at the incredibly dated effects in 1080p, I kept thinking one thing. No, not that Mathilda May is the finest thing to ever appear in a Blu ray release (which is true). No, it was that, hopefully, NASA and other space organizations around the world watch these movies and tell their astronauts not to do this. It was as if I was watching a bunch of idiots do one stupid thing after another. I even watched the Tobe Hooper approved extended cut hoping for some sort of explanation. Like I said before, the premise is nothing new and has been better executed in The Hidden (1987) and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956, 1978). Yet, with all that being said, I found this charming and better movie screaming to get out. If any film needed a remake, Lifeforce is one of them. One a final note, this film proved to me that Tobe Hooper did not direct Poltergeist. It impossible.

Jack The Giant Slayer (2013) by Bryan Singer sadly suffered from bad word of mouth. I was interested in the film and the cast, but it got pushed to just waiting for it on Blu ray. If anything, I wait for it when I am trapped on an airplane. The biggest problem with Jack the Giant Slayer is that it goes against conventions and plays the cliches, as well. It was an interesting twist that the film has two heroes. Obviously, there is Jack (Nicholas Hoult) who adventure we are going on. Then, there is the Captain of the Guard, Elmont, played by Ewan McGregor. Normally, in a movie like this they are rivals for the Princess (Eleanor Tomlinson) hand. Here, they both work together to save her. Their is no love triangle or secret deeds going on behind one another backs. There isn even a joke or a jab in a hurtful way at the eachother expense. No, the film lets Stanley Tucci Shrek Farquaad rip off, Roderick, do all the conniving.

The film also suffers from two if not three villains all jockeying for the same thing. It gets boring and tiresome. Would I have enjoyed Jack The Giant Slayer if it was your typical underclassmen rising to the occasion to save the kingdom and win the girl? Probably not. Singer tries too hard to go against the conventions that have been told to us since childhood. He fails miserably when it comes to a mature audience looking for a high adventure. Jack The Giant Slayer undoubtably plays out better for children. Despite the film being rat Burberry Handbags Outlet ed PG 13, this is really a fairy tale for a younger audience. It is packed with heroes and villains that any 5 to 10 year old would appreciate. The giants themselves are creepy, but their CGI rendering makes them almost cartoony. Perhaps that is where this film may have flourished better. It certainly belongs with Saturday morning cartoons. Mania Grade: C+. Own the Giant Slayer on Blu ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download 7/16.


Brass Teapot

The Brass Teapot [Blu ray]

Cruising Starring Al Pacino, Paul Sorvino and Karen Allen

In the Dark Starring Shannon Elizabeth, Elisabeth Rohm and Sam Page

Jackie Chan: Beginnings Shaolin Wooden Men / To Kill With Intrigue Double Feature Starring Jackie Chan

Burberry Handbags Outlet and some think they know why

and some think they know why

After Wednesday’s story about an effort to increase recycling, some readers called the Sun to say the problem really boils down to laziness on the part of too many Clark County residents.

“Why can’t they recycle the way it is now?” said a man who moved here from California.

The story was about Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani’s plan to introduce an ordinance in January to bring single bin recycling to Clar Burberry Handbags Outlet k County without increasing trash fees. The county has a abysmal record on residential recycling, with a rate hovering around 2 percent.

Another caller said the commissioner is right that the separate red, white and blue bins are too small. But, he said, it’s also hard to remember which weeks recyclables are picked up, and recycling once every two weeks can mean large piles of the stuff outside your back door.

And these are just homeowners. Residents of multifamily complexes don’t even have recycling.

Don’t about half of all Clark County residents live in apartments, duplexes and the like?

Closer to one third, according to county planners. That means roughly 257,500 households are not included in Republic Services’ recycling program.

Is the county considering any other forms of persuasion, such as fines for those who put recyclables into regular trash bins?

Though some cities do fine residents who don’t recycle, nothing of the sort is being considered here. But there is another idea that both Republic Services and Giunchigliani seem to agree upon. Bob Coyle, Republic’s area president, and Giunchigliani are talking about rewarding recyclers.

Coyle is against giving people deductions on their trash bills but likes the idea of rewarding neighborhoods with coupon Burberry Handbags Outlet s for “10 percent off at Starbucks or something.” The number of coupons would be tied to the tonnage of recyclables collected. Giunchigliani suggested customers being able to donate reward savings to charity. 93. On Wednesday, commissioners approved a zoning change to expand the new area’s gaming overlay. The zoning change was needed to make way for a 330 room, 12 story resort that plans submitted to the county say would be finished by 2018. Develop Burberry Handbags Outlet er Harvey Whittemore previously won approval to build 159,000 homes in Coyote Springs. So far a golf course has been completed, a water system is almost done and 60 percent of a sewage treatment plant is done. Whittemore said he expec Burberry Handbags Outlet ts the first homes to be built in late 2009 or early 2010.

What else do those plans show about the resort?

Rough estimates are that work associated with it would begin about 2013. An economic analysis completed by Applied Analysis lists construction costs at about $866 million. That would include 713,900 square feet of hotel, casino and amenities, and a 777,000 square foot parking garage. The casino would employ about 1,800 people.

Coyote Springs is planned to consist of 11 “villages,” with the casino to be constructed after Village 4 is completed. Plans are for Village 4 to be built second, after Village 1.

The county appears confident that another remote development, Yucca Mountain, 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, will never be turned into a nuclear waste dump. Is the county spending a lot of money to keep tabs on Yucca Mountain?

Every year, the Energy Department gives millions to local governments to monitor the federal government’s effort to store the nation’s most radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain. And every year, those governments sign a statement, as Clark County did last week, saying they spent the money appropriately. It can’t be spent, for instance, on lobbying or developing cross state coalitions or for litigation.

Since 1988, but excluding two years in the mid 1990s when federal funding was cut, the Energy Department has provided 10 county governments with a total of $35.6 million. Clark County’s average annual share is from $1.6 million to $1.8 million, said Irene Navis, nuclear waste planning manager. Nye County receives the lion’s share. Its last payment was about $3million, Navis said. Other Nevada counties that get payments are Esmeralda, Lincoln, Churchill, Lander, White Pine and Mineral. Inyo, Calif., also gets a cut.

Join the Discussion: Check this out for a full explanation of our conversion to the LiveFyre commenting system and instructions on how to sign up for an account. Our goal is not to limit the discussion, but rather to elevate it. Comments should be relevant and contain no abusive language. Comments that are off topic, vulgar, profane or include personal attacks will be removed. Full comments policy. Additionally, we now display comments from trusted commenters by default. Those wishing to become a trusted commenter need to verify their identity or sign in with Facebook Connect to tie their Facebook account to their Las Vegas Sun account. For more on this change, read our story about how it works and why we did it.

Burberry Handbags Outlet and some pink toohello all

and some pink too

hello all! hope u’ve had a fantastic chinese new year! i must say mine wasn’t all that ‘blockbuster’ coz the atmosphe Burberry Handbags Outlet re of joy wasnt getting rather stale. at least it gave me an extended weekend away from HTA.

anyway, today i upgraded my CPU. now im on a 6600GT and i’ve upped my RAM to 1GB. fun. can play games more smoothly. what really gets on my nerves is that i cannot install FEAR for some strange reason. the setup keeps on crashing! KNN. im really looking forward to this game lor!

oh well. so much for hype. i’ll call the shop tmr or sth.

1st weekend out!

This is my 1st weekend out from the HTA and boy have i looked forward to this! the 10 days in there yielded a melange of feelings. i felt pissed, homesick, excited, tired, lazy a Burberry Handbags Outlet nd happy in that order. however, one dominating emotion tt i felt was that of yearning; yearning to return to a civilian lifestyle. the realisation that i have passed the point of no return and that i have become a “dog of the government” (as exemplified by the reception of my 11b) overwhelms me. however, im in this shit now so i’ll just have to grit my teeth and bear it.

the Physical Training is bearable. i just need to get my fat arse and belly in shape. i doubt i have lost any weight at all. the exercise is indeed tiring. i look at the number of pushups, crunches, runs and whatever else they throw at you and i dont think they’re that much. and yet i still feel hella tired after each PT session. i hope its because of the accumulated fatigue from each PT session. anyhow, the 1000 skips a day will come next week. jump until my legs break! must eventually do 50,000 PER PERSON before Passing Out Parade (POP). i hope the food served facilitates, rather than counters, this

The food the mess hall dumps at u is very filling. catered by CIAS leh. of course, the food isnt gourmet s Burberry Handbags Outlet tandard la. there’re some days where the i feel damn hungry while marching to the mess and that feeling is completely extinguished when i see the food. for example, there were 2 particular breakfasts which i didnt eat. dry vermicelli in hot soup of some sort. eating the vermicelli is like chewing on hair. knn. but there’s one thing in breakfast that is always consistently HELLA GOOD. it’s the teh susu. amazing stuff man. best teh susu i’ve ever had. i always try to go for 2 cups if i can spare the room.

meals are usually a 4 course affair. the main dish, the dessert (usually a fruit but u get the occasional ice cream), the drink (good cordials) and a soup. i can bearly finish my food coz they really give a lot! then after meals, march back to barracks to shit/sleep/clean bunk. then prepare for whatever’s next.

i’ll have to treasure my weekends from now on. precious little time to do anything except rest up and perhaps a wee bit of shopping. God will be with me whatever i do and i shall constantly seek His guidance!

adios for now! want to hear story? look for me.

on the eve of police enlistment.

Okay. police enlistment is tomorrow. i’m gonna have an ultra early night now and i hope my body clock will adjust. i’ll be back in (hopefully) ten days unscathed and perhaps set on the road to becoming a better man. okay.

2006 and police!

OK it’s the year 2006 already. it’s now 2 days away from my enlistment into the police. i’ve officially packed everything and now all that’s left to do is to recover from this stupid headache cum cold that i’m having now.

i’ll be gone for 10 days, after which i’ll book out on next . i look forward to this experience and i hope that i will take more positives than negatives from it. meanwhile, im gonna try to enjoy my last day of freedom.

till next ! oh and i think i’ll abandon the korea entry. my inefficiency appalls me.

swee lee sale!

Hello. i went to the sweelee 50% sale at bras basah today. the queue was quite mad when i got there at 8.30am to hook up with Jason. it was then that i could experience the ugly kiasuism of singaporeans in all it’s “glory”. first, when the lady boss of sweelee (at least tt’s wad i heard from jason) came to unlock n let herself in, everybody stood up and thot they were gonna be allowed in. i dunno why. we knew that we werent gonna be let in for another 2 hours so i wanted to sit but since everybody was standing and moving forward, i had no choice. so, i ended up standing until i was let in. as we were standing around, the number of ppl in front of us then swelled to around 50 or 60 after standing up. when i got there, i estimated only 20 pple were ahead of me. a huge number of queue cutters and freeloaders sia. at least i go early, got morals.

once inside, i headed straight for the cymbal section. picked up a 14″ HH thin crash and a premier cymbal bag. bill came up to cheap sia. the blardy queue was damn long so i had to wait. joined a shorter cashier queue but the cashing process damn was slow coz some of the stock had either poor or confusing labeling. then went to buy some stuff for yuehao. met up with isaac outside and went to ranking to buy my cy Burberry Handbags Outlet mbal stands

ended up with 1 carlos boom and 1 gibraltar straight for each. the gibraltar was a good buy coz it’s usually around 100. ranking prices always best even tho their stuff can be a bit lousy. but it’s THE place for pedals man. DWs! had lunch and then did some bangla work for daniel in terms of helping him move his drum set before going home to set up with isaac.

ok gtg. im dazed from all that activity. tmr’s the “class buffet” at Pete’s Place at Hyatt. looking forward to it. adios!

Burberry Handbags Outlet and so do Corca DhuibhnePo

and so do Corca Dhuibhne

Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne 3 14 De La Salle 3 09

In the 86 years of the Corn U Mhuir, the three in a row has been a rarely achieved phenomenon.

Cork’s Coliste Chrost R did it twice in an eight year period from 1978 85, while it’s hardly surprising to note that the competition’s record winner, St Brendan’s of Killarney, managed it too, from 1972 74.

Coliste na Sceilge of Cahersiveen capped a golden era at the start of the millennium by winning three on the bounce and the exclusive club welcomed a new member on Saturday.

Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne has only been in existence since 2007, but since then it has established itself as a Munster Colleges powerhouse.

The know how gained in the previous two victories was key in helping the Dingle school over the line on Saturday at Lewis Burberry Handbags Outlet Road, Killarney.

Though a burst from De La Salle of Macroom saw them come to within just two points with seven minutes remaining, Corca Dhuibhne are not the panicking type.

A free from Samus Muircheartaigh was the catalyst and then the scores came again, with Cathal Bambaire’s hat trick goal the insurance score, making it 3 14 to 2 9 before John Murphy gave Macroom some consolation with a rocket to the net.

It was not vintage stuff from Corca Dhuibhne, but they didn’t want it to be. Manager Eamonn Fitzmaurice spoke afterwards of how the 2013 final win over St Brendan’s was probably the perf Burberry Handb Burberry Handbags Outlet ags Outlet ect performance and meant they didn’t improve in the All Ireland series, while coach Tommy Griffin was merely describing it as win five of seven.

When you’ve won two provincial titles, winning one more without progressing on the national stage will rankle, so they are keen to leave their mark.

To that end, this was a controlled performance, with the Kerry side playing with patience throughout. Coasting at 0 6 to 0 2 in the first half, the first question was asked when Macroom’s Joseph Ryan converted a penalty of his own making.

Up until then, Corca Dhuibhne had been at their ease, pushing up defenders Tom Silleabhin and Maiti Flatharta in response to Macroom playing four forwards. After an exchange of points, they reasserted their superiority as Bambaire profited from fine work by Flatharta and Muircheartaigh and then Silleabhin made it 1 8 to 1 3.

Back Macroom came, though. When Peter Kelleher got his fist to a dropping ball it came back off the post and James Moynihan was perfectly placed to poke home; two points in it and the interval looming.

Crucially Corca Dhui Burberry Handbags Outlet bhne stuck again. Centre back Caoimhghn Beaglaoch played an outside of the boot pass to the tireless Toms S, who unselfishly allowed Bambaire to snaffle his second green goal.

The winners quickly built on that five points advantage with points from S and Muircheartaigh on the restart. But Macroom refused to thrown in the towel. They worked the ball into scoreable positions or won frees and bit by bit they ate into the lead. After Barry O’Leary’s free, it was 2 11 to 2 9, but Corca Dhuibhne were not defending champions for nothing. Their temperament saw them through, deservedly so.

Scorers for Pobalscoil Chorca Dhuibhne: C Bambaire 3 2, S Muircheartaigh 0 4 (frees), T Silleabhin, C Gibheannaigh 0 2 each, T S, B Beaglaoch, S Bambaire, M Flatharta 0 1 each.

Scorers for De La Salle: J Ryan (0 2 frees), J Moynihan 1 2 each, J Murphy 1 0, Cian Healy 0 3, B O’Leary (free), P Kelleher 0 1 each.

POBALSCOIL CHORCA DHUIBHNE: D Conchir (Dingle); C Silleabhin (An Ghaeltacht), B Beaglaoch (An Ghaeltacht) T Silleabin (Dingle); M Flatharta (Dingle), C Beaghlaoch (An Ghaeltacht), S Gairbhia (An Ghaeltacht); B Silleabhin (Dingle), M Conchir (Dingle); R S (An Ghaeltacht), B Raoil (Lispole), T S (An Ghaeltacht); C Gibheannaigh (Dingle), C Bambaire (Dingle), S Muircheartaigh (An Ghaeltacht).

Subs: S Bambaire for Gibheannaigh (43), C Gairbhia (An Ghaeltacht) for R S (55), C Muirthile (Lispole) for T S, C Murch (An Ghaeltacht) for S Gairbhia (both 60).

DE LA SALLE: A Duggan (Clondrohid); K Dwyer (Macroom), D O’Callaghan (Aghinagh), B McMahon (Iveleary); M Healy (Iveleary), S Kelleher (Aghinagh), D Cahalane (Kilmurry); P Kelleher (Kilmichael), B O’Leary (Iveleary); J Murphy (Macroom), J Moynihan (Canovee), W Coakley (Aghinagh); C Healy (Newcestown), J Ryan (Kilmurry), F McSweeney (Iveleary).

Burberry Handbags Outlet and sky’s the limit for Sandy

and sky’s the limit for Sandy Day

Which is exactly why he’s learning to fly a drone.

AT A GLANCE Who: Sandy Day What: Cropping Where: Lockhart, NSW Why: Full flight Sandy, 29, manages an intensive winter dryland cropping enterprise, Quamby Agriculture, at Lockhart in southern NSW, in partnership with his parents, Trevor and Christine.

After hearing that West Australian agronomist Warren Abrams, of New Era Ag Tech at Geraldton, was developing drones for agriculture, Sandy travelled to a field day to see the craft in action.

He left impressed and with an offer from Mr Abrams to give a demonstration at Quamby.

In preparation Sandy built a small drone from a kit to get a handle on the technology.

He says the time saving and efficiencies of using a drone in cropping would be significant.

“As soon as the crop comes up you can monitor growth habits and nitrogen requirements quickly an Burberry Handbags Outlet d efficiently,” he said. “A drone could fly over the property twice in one day.

“It takes me two days on a motorbike to cover the farm and even then I only see only 2 3 per cent of it.

“The drones operate on real time, not hit and miss.

They cost $30,000, which Sandy says is a fraction of the cost of satellite imagery.

He says satellites require booking a month ahead and “hoping to God” that when the satellites are in position there is no cloud cover.

Lightweight cameras attached to the drone relay images in colour patterns straight back to a computer.

Sandy has not yet fitted a camera to his because he is Burberry Handbags Outlet too worried about it crashing.

Sandy, who took on the manager’s role six years ago equipped with an advanced diploma in farm management, counts himself fortunate to have been given the opening into an industry he is passionate about.

“Each year Dad passes over more responsibility,” he said.

Sandy said he knew of farmers 10 years older than him with no say in the family farm and little chance of farming in their own right while they were young.

Sandy has focused on meeting Quamby’s goals of increasing efficiency and profitability and said he was proud of his achievements.

“It’s about keeping costs to a minimum by using our equipment over as many hectares as possible and contracting with the equipment in the Lockhart district,” he said.

“We’ve just obtained a five year contract planting job. We also do contract spraying.”

A 44m Goldacres 8549 boom spray is a one off and the biggest machinery investment made by the company.

The prototype was trialed on Quamby last season and is due to go back to the factory for modifications. It replaces a 30m boomspray built by Trevor.

The family has also upgraded its main tractor, a front wheel John Deere with a tier four engine, which pulls a 15m disc machine that Burberry Handbags Outlet can cover 20ha in an hour.

By comparison it took Sandy’s grandfather, Harold Vincent Day, and his team of six horses a day to fallow 1.6ha with a four furrow disc plough.

He planted the wheat by hand, throwing the grain across the ploughed soil.

Vincent built the Quamby homestead in 1928 where Sandy lives with partner Elissa Strong.

Quamby once supported the families of Trevor and his two brothers and ran sheep in conjunction with cropping.

When Sandy left school the property was 1300ha.

The sh Burberry Handbags Outlet eep were removed to concentrate entirely on dryland cropping and the property was progressively expanded to its current 2200ha with the purchase of nearby properties.

Burberry Handbags Outlet and showing them how they can

and showing them how they can help

PORTLAND, Ore. I always wanted t Burberry Handbags Outlet o raise kids who care about the world around them. Fortunately, if I include the number of sprinkles on each other cupcakes, they already weeellllll on their way to becoming agents of social change.

Children may not grasp the whole issue of homelessness, but they know what it means to share.

Teaching kids to care for others happens one small deed at a time. The experience you provide for them now can help them become people of compassion and generosity.

My children regularly see homeless people and sometimes a Burberry Handbags Outlet sk about them. So it a perfect opportunity to teach them about helping others. Here are a Burberry Handbags Outlet variety of ways to do that.

Prepare single items

Any one of the useful items listed on the right works well to hand out to the homeless men and women along the street.

Our family keeps a stash of granola bars in the car. Each time we restock the supply, I have my kids cut out vouchers and tape one to each granola bar. This little slip of paper directs the person to a place where they can get additional help, and also to the hope of a changed life.

This next idea works well as a project for small groups to complete. From the list of useful items, choose any number of the items and have families donate those to the group. Then let the kids work together at creating packages, Ziploc bags filled with a v Burberry Handbags Outlet ariety of donated items.

Once the bags are filled, they can be returned to the members of the group to be handed out to homeless men and women.

Make a donation at a rescue mission

Homeless shelters are consistently asked for the useful items. Familiarize your kids with that list, and help them shop for those items at the store.

Once you made the purchase, take your kids with you when dropping the donation off at a mission or shelter.