Burberry Factory Amcor Flexibles wins five Flex

Amcor Flexibles wins five Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards

Amcor AMCOR Atlantic Margin Coring Project Flexibles has won 5 awards in the 2004 Flexible Packagingfrom Amcor DeMet demetallised film produced for Kraft Foods Kraft Foods Inc. (NYSE: KFT) is the largest food a Burberry Factory nd beverage company headquartered in North America and the second Burberry Factory largest in the world after Nestl SA.

The Philip Morris Company (now known as Altria Group), a company that produces tobacco products, acquired Kraft for and

featuring a highly transparent window. The Toblerone Toblerone (IPA pronunciation: [ is a chocolate bar made by Kraft Foods Switzerland. Troy bags which are

printed 8 colours gravure on a Rotomec press at Amcor Flexibles Halen Halen is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg. On January 1 2006 Halen had a total population of 8,624. The total area is 36.29 km which gives a population density of 238 inhabitants per km. in

Belgium, also won 3 Gold Awards in Environmental Achievement, Printing

Achievement and Technical

Amcor DeMet is a revolutionary in line In line

Used in the context of general equities. (1) An order or market in a specific security within the inside market; 2) any announcement (earnings) that adheres closely to Wall Street analysts’ expectations. demetallisation process

unique to Amcor Flexibles which clearly provides strong product

visibility on shel Burberry Factory ong> Burberry Factory f. appearance that complements the Toblerone brand and the perfect match

achieved between the inner and outer wrap. The bag is printed on four

sides, with windows on the front and the two sides. The print area on

the back is maximised due to the lapseal.

The in line demetallisation process is both very efficient and

environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly, also referred to as nature friendly, is a term used to refer to goods and services considered to inflict minimal harm on the environment.[1] . To achieve an optimal result, both in terms of

Burberry Factory AMC Releases Official The Walk

AMC Releases Official The Walking Dead Survival Kit

What if The Walking Dead were real? Do you have a plan for what to do if an actual zombie apocalypse happens? If it’s just “Hope to God Daryl Dixon/Norman Reedus finds me” you may need backup.

Cue AMC’s marketing Burberry Factory team partnership with First My Family, an emergency preparedness company, and their official The Walking Dead Survival Kit.

The first 10,000 pre orders get priority status and an exclusive The Walking Dead “We’re Survivors” patch. Go ahead and wear that to school or work anyone who gives you a solemn not instead of laughing or rolling their eyes is someone to contact Burberry Factory right away when the real ish hits the fan.

The kit is said to include enough emergency supplies for two people to survive 72 hours. (If you haven’t already done so, maybe go ahead and take AMC’s How Long Would You Survive in a Zombie Apocalypse Quiz? to see how long you’re expected to last through the bad times.)

Here’s what the kit includes:

High end military style messenger bag with brass fittings and custom The Walking Dead Logo

1 Daytrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Ration. Stays fresh for up to 5 years

12 Daytrex 4.22 oz packs of Emergency Water. Stays fresh for up to 5 yea Burberry Factory rs

1 Premium Lifeline First Aid kit, 85 Pieces

1 Lifegear Glow LED Flashlight. Lasts up to 400 hours

2 Emergency Mylar Space Blankets

2 Emergency Ponchos for Severe Weather

1 Leather Palm Work Gloves for moving debris

1 Waterproof match booklet (where permitted)

4 Procedural Face Masks

Check out photos of everything on Fi Burberry Factory rst My Family’s site.

This puppy ain’t cheap. It’s $129.99. It’s possible you could just assemble some of this stuff on your own that’s what Daryl would do but this is the “official” kit, which is much cooler than just getting your own flashlight from Wal Mart. And that messenger bag is awesome.

Head here for more details and to pre order. Are you getting one? Do you want someone else to pony up the money for you? Go ahead and share this on Facebook if you want your family members to take the hint.

Burberry Factory AMC bags two awards for social

AMC bags two awards for social housing

AHMEDABAD: The Sabarmati River Front Development Project and the initiatives for social housing project bagged two national awards for the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) on Mo Burberry Factory nday.

These awards were given to the AMC at the celebration of the 41st anniversary of Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) under the Union ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation. Minister of housing urban poverty alleviation Kumari Selja handed over the awards to mayor Asit Vora, AMC commissioner I P Gautam and Dilip Mahajan, executive director, Sabarmati River Front Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL).

The two national awards were given to SRFDCL in recognition of innovative infrastructure development and AMC in recognition of initiatives for social housing project.

This was the second national recognition for SRFDCL. Earlier, SRFDCL had bagged the prime minister award for the best concept and design of a public project, while the social housing project had received the national award for the innovative service to urban poor.

Officials said that under the social housing project for the urban poor, each project was equipped with anganwadi, primary school, urban health center and community hall with green spaces and common plot.

Officials said that the SRFDCL bagged the award for its innovative infrastructure development. Under this project, only 14% of the space will be sold for commercial establishments, while the remaining 86% will be used for public Burberry Factory utility. There will be walk ways, public spaces, roads, community centres, informal market Burberry Factory and a culture mile among others. The culture mile will cover the stretch from Nation Institute of Design to Ellisbridge and will be reserved for spaces for cultural events. There will also be urban forest in an area of 25 acres and gardens which wil Burberry Factory l be spread in 15 acres.

Burberry Factory Ambushing those in need with g

Ambushing those in need with gifts

Nearly 60 people have committed to doing something to help spread the gift giving around, and perhaps more importantly, the spirit of season as well. The Christmas Day Ambush for People Experiencing Homelessness In London is a project that will see a group of local residents donate their time on Christmas morning to pass out care p Burberry Factory ackages to homeless individuals.

Cher Woodiwiss started the idea five years ago as she and her kids handed out a half dozen gift bags to those in the downtown living with homelessness. Those bags included everything from hats, gloves, scarves and blankets to gum, mints, healthy snacks and toiletry items.

would go to a movie Christmas Day, then after we would go pass out the bags to those people who looked to be in need, Woodiwiss said. is pretty amazing to see people reactions. They don expect the generosity, but they are so happy just to get that little bag of stuff.

Michelle Clermont was inspired by Woodiwiss idea and wanted to get involved.

triggered me to say, let make this a bigger event, and get people in London involved in making it happen, Clermont said. I created the event (page on Facebook) and it is taking off.

Woodiwiss also opened up the process by posting an invitation on her personal Facebook page.

Andrea Ward saw the posting through a mutual friend and decided to post an advertisement on the Kijiji online classified site looking for donations.

Ward, along with her husband Aaron Mattson and their sons Kaiden, 7, Holden, 12, and probably even their two year o Burberry Factory ld daughter Maisie, will be hitting the streets on Chri Burberry Factory stmas Day to do what they can to help the cause. and then we sit around, Mattson said. instead of doing that, we thought it would be better to gather up some stuff and go walk in the downtown, looking for people who could use some help, a little cheering up, give them a little bag of things and wish them a Merry Christmas.

To date, 58 people have stepped up to contribute to the effort. Mattson said his family alone has put together about 20 of the gift bags, which are distributed in reusable grocery bags.

Woodiwiss said the response to the ambush tells her there are many people in London who care about total strangers, are generous and want to help.

Not everyone who has contributed to the project will be out on the street Christmas Day making donations, but Mattson said he is hopeful the ambush will continue to grow over the years to come.

hope is over the next few years we could really grow this, from 20 or 30 people up into the hundreds, Mattson said. me, obviously I am very happy to be helping people. But in the same respect, it makes me feel even better to know I am passing that spirit on to the kids and getting the community involved.

Kaiden, who is homeschooled, is playing a key role in the ambush. Each bag his family gives out will also include a personalized Christmas card drawn by Kaiden, who is quick to say how excited he is to be taking part in the day efforts.

are giving away gifts to the homeless people, Kaiden said. think this is important because they don get many gifts. It makes me feel good to help.

Mattson said he believes it is important Burberry Factory his kids all children really realize that not everybody wakes up to a Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. And although it is important, Mattson said, to teach children the thing, they need to learn there are good people in the community and you give you will receive in return.

He hopes his sons will learn that lesson by seeing the and appreciation he expects to see on many faces Christmas Day.

Even if someone can donate directly to the ambush, Mattson said anyone who is out on Christmas Day can make the simple gesture of buying a coffee for someone who maybe can afford one.

Burberry Factory Ambulance Vic upgrades helicop

Ambulance Vic upgrades helicopter fleet

Health Minister David Davis said the new helicopters would Burberry Factory be quicker to transport patients from rural areas to major trauma centres, bringing time critical patients more than 250km away into Melbourne in less than an hour.

The five new helicopters will be operational from January 2016.

“This means rural communities will have enhanced access to Ambulance Victoria’s highest level of care and rapid transport to major trauma, cardiac and specialist hospitals,” Mr Davis said.

The fleet includes a dedicated back up helicopter to maintain services when heavy maintenance work is needed.

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Ambulance Victoria CEO Greg Sassella said emergency response helicop Burberry Factory ters were usually military or transport helicopters that Burberry Factory had been modified but Victor Burberry Factory ia’s new fleet would be custom built.

Burberry Factory Ambulance sets up Fraser Valle

Ambulance sets up Fraser Valley critical care paramedic team

A new ground based critical care paramedic team is opera Burberry Factory ting in the Fraser Valley.

Based in Langley, the BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) Critical Care Transport (CCT) Program provides specialized, pre hospital and inter facility treatment and transport for critically ill or injur Burberry Factory ed patients across the province.

The new unit will primarily transport patients with life threatening conditions who require constant monitoring and support from hospitals in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Langley to major medical centres throughout the Lower Mainland. Most of their calls will be transporting patients to a higher level of care, but when they are not assigned to a critical car Burberry Factory e transport, they will be available to respond to pre hospital 911 calls.

“When we reviewed the types of calls that paramedics in the Fraser Valley were doing, we found that more and more of their work was transferring patients to higher levels of care outside the local area,” said BCAS chief operating officer Les Fisher. “Adding a dedicated critical care paramedic team in the Fraser Valley will enable us to provide this specialized service in a more consistent manner and allow the local crews to Burberry Factory be more available in their primary response areas.”

Burberry Factory ambulance emergencyColm Mu

ambulance emergency

Colm Murphy, an advanced paramedic with Dublin Fire Brigade, provides the kind of response that anyone making a 999 call for an ambulance would hope for.

In the middle of Dublin recently a cyclist crashed into an opening car door. It cut a sizeable hole in his chest, and Burberry Factory as his chest filled with air his lungs started to collapse. Murphy was on the scene within four minutes of the emergency call being received.

“When we arrived he was in huge difficulty. He was on his knees, making very short sentences, pleading for help. He couldn’t breathe.” Murphy and several fellow paramedics got him into the back of the ambulance. “As he was taking his last gasps we drove a needle into his chest Burberry Factory wall, to allow the air that was trapped in his chest out and, therefore, to allow the lungs to reinflate.”

Had Murphy arrived five minutes later the cyclist’s heart would probably have arrested. The cyclist received the kind of prehospital emergency care we expect in a society with some of the best medical care in the world. Not all are so lucky.

We do not expect a person who is choking, or in cardiac arrest, or who has been assaulted, to be left waiting for an ambulance for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or even an hour or more. It happens. And when people die after such delays, we do not expect the Minister for Health to say in Leinster House that the emergency was responded to correctly and appropriately.

Families across the Republic have told The Irish Times about the trauma of watching their loved ones at their most vulnerable, needing emergency medical help, and their own helplessness as they wait for an ambulance that arrives too late.

Maura Porter, a Donegal woman, was hit by a car on her way home from Mass in December. She lay on the road for almost 50 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

Elizabeth Riordain choked on food in Tralee last November. She was left waiting for half an hour after her husband, Michael, called 999.

Wayne McQuillan (see panel, right) was stabbed and left bleeding for so long that a garda brought him to hospital in Drogheda in his squad car.

All these patients died. Their families are not only shattered by the traumatic deaths but feel bewildered, angry and let down by a front line emergency service they believed they could depend on.

When the circumstances of these deaths were raised in the Dil, by Charlie McConalogue of Fianna Fil , the Independent TD Michael Healy Rae, and Gerry Adams of Sinn Fin, Minister for Health James Reilly gave answers provided by the HSE National Ambulance Service, or NAS. The answer he gave McConalogue, a TD for Donegal North East, about Porter’s death was typical of those given to the other TDs.

“The call,” he said, “was triaged as clinical status 1 delta (life threatening). The nearest available resources a rapid response vehicle with an ‘advanced paramedic’ and an emergency ambulance, both in Letterkenny were dispatched . . . The response vehicle and ambulance arrived in 40 and 43 minutes, respectively. A second ambulance from Letterkenny arrived in 50 minutes . . . The NAS has reviewed this call and is satisfied that the call was triaged correctly and that the nearest avail Burberry Factory able resources were dispatched.”

A 999 call is classified as “echo” if it involves life threatening cardiac or respiratory distress and as “delta” if it is another type of life threatening condition.

Hiqa said that both echo and delta calls must have a first responder on the scene within seven minutes and 59 seconds. A first responder can be a paramedic, an advanced paramedic or a trained cardiac first responder. A fully equipped ambulance should then arrive within 18 minutes and 59 seconds.

Hiqa set targets for the proportion of calls that should get such timely responses. The seven minute and 59 second response time should be met for 75 per cent of echo and delta calls, for example. The target time for the fully equipped ambulance to arrive was set at 85 per cent of cases by December 2012, rising to 90 per cent by December 2013.

These targets have never been met. In fact the HSE lowered the ambulance time targets to 80 per cent in 2012 and 70 per cent in 2013. Compliance rates have improved on paper as a result, although reports emerge constantly of failings in ambulance response times or mishaps with the ambulances themselves.

More than 100 parliamentary questions about ambulances have been tabled in the Dil since January. The more than 30 TDs who have asked them, including McConalogue, Healy Rae and Adams, are almost all from outside Dublin. Most of their questions are about the impact of delayed response times or about National Ambulance Service resources. The NAS operates mainly outside the capital but does have ambulances in Dublin; Dubl Burberry Factory in Fire Brigade provides emergency ambulances within the city.

Burberry Factory Ambuja Cement Dec quarter net

Ambuja Cement Dec quarter net up 17 pct

Cement producer Ambuja Cement Ltd sa Burberry Factor Burberry Factory y id its quarterly net profit rose 17 Burberry Factory percent helped by better cement prices and higher volumes, but warned cost pressures may continue to hurt margins. The company reported a net profit of 3.02 billion rupees for the three months to December 31, compared with 2.58 billion rupees a year earlier.

Images: Upgraded Mahindra Xylo out for Rs 7.37 lakh

Ambuja Cement, in which Switzerland’s Holcim, the world’s second largest cement producer, holds a 46 percent stake, reported a 30.3 percent rise in net sales at 23.29 billion rupees.

“The realisation (selling price per bag) rose by 24 percent and volumes by 5 percent compared with last year, which led to revenue growth. There was an increase of 854 rupees per tonne in cement prices,” Sanjeev Kumar Singh, sector analyst at Centrum Broking said.

Chai cafes woo coffee fans in urban India Post monsoon, cement makers hiked prices by an average 10 15 rupees across the country for 50 kg bags. The demand during the quarter rose 10 percent on an annual b Burberry Factory asis across the country, Centrum’s Singh said.

Ambuja said that cost pressures due to rising energy charges, logistics and raw materials may continue to impact margins.

“Prices are expected to remain volatile in the short term due to demand supply imbalances,” the company said in a statement.

Ambuja, which follows a January December accounting year, saw net profit drop 2.8 percent at 12.29 billion rupees for 2011. Net sales for the year rose 15.2 percent to 85.15 billion rupees.

Burberry Factory Ambo’s stolen drugs found Tasm

Ambo’s stolen drugs found Tasmania News

Up to 60 ampules of drugs cardiac and r Burberry Factory espiratory medications and adrenalin and a range of medical equi Burberry Factory pment were taken by thieves who broke into Burnie ambulance station.

A bypasser found two bags containing a majority of the stolen items, near Strahan St in Burnie last night, police said today.

“The offenders may have been disturbed or may have planned to return and collect Burberry Factory the stolen property at a later time,” said Detective Sergeant Lauren Bain from Burnie CIB.

“Although a full audit is to be conducted, it appears that all of the stolen medication has been recovered.

“The only item that remains outstanding at this time is a yellow Dolphin brand torch.”

The stolen drug ki Burberry Factory t contained 12 different types of drugs, but no opiates.

The drugs were taken from a 4WD ambulance used to provide emergency medical help in remote areas.

It was parked behind a locked gate in the refuelling shed at the station in Strahan St, South Burnie.

The incident was followed by a vandal attack on an ambulance at New Town early Saturday morning.

“There is nothing to suggest a connection between the two crimes at this stage and, being at opposite ends of the State, it is likely to be a coincidence,” she said.

Det Sgt Bain said crimes such as this had the potential to affect not only the Tasmanian Ambulance Service, but all members of the community, who are disadvantaged by the loss of resources and the cost of replacement items and repairs to damage.

Burberry Factory Ambient Lounge Gold Class Rang

Ambient Lounge Gold Class Range A Funky Bean Bags Exclusive Launch

The new Burberry Factory Gold Class bean bag range combines premium fabric, internal elastics, thick quilting and special multi bead compartments to keep the form and shape in your bean bag; whilst still retaining the amazing comfort of be Burberry Factory ad filling. It is the many special internal elastic points that make these bean bags so awesome! Hand made and meticulously measured, these elastics are designed to give the bean bags structure and offering much better firm back support than this type of bean bag furniture has done in the past. You can try and rock back and you wont fall over like you would on most bean bags. They have high seated areas and lush cushioning. Sitting is truly believing!At Funky Bean bags the revolution of top quality bean bag furniture and bean bags brands is escalating at breakneck speed and this range is the first to be launched in the UK and delivered throughout England, Ireland and Scotland. And that s why we are delighted to sell them to you at high value prices with our trusted service. Specialists in this bean bag field, the Ambient Lounge team have made great breakthroughs in the development of hybrid and versatile bean bag furniture that are designed to increase our quality of living room comfort for both indoors and outdoors. It is the only truly World wide brand of contemporary bean bag furniture proudly pioneered by Australians. The gold Class bean bag range allows you to kick back in comfort and replace your more traditional furniture without compromising at all on the style. These types of modern bean bag furniture are ideal for contemporary spaces and are favourites with young professionals and families.

In summary, for those that always wanted the comforts of bean bag Burberry Factory s but care about aesthetics and fabrics the Gold Class range is for you. Affordable luxury with premium fabr Burberry Factory ics and finishing, once you own one you may not ever want to sit on traditional lounge furniture again. In early 2011 and beyond for launch, this new range only has a very limited stock availability.