Burberry Factory Outlet An Evaluation of The Scottish

An Evaluation of The Scottish Road Safety Campaign’s Initiatives in Relation to the Year of the Elderly

Bath drivers and elderly pedestrians were targeted by the Campaign. Awareness was low and elderly people confused them with other leafletsOverall the SRSC initiatives were rec Burberry Factory Outlet eived w Burberry Factory Outlet ell by elderly pedestrians. People are generally living longer due to improvements in health care and social conditions. It is predicted that the older age Burberry Factory Outlet groups in the population will grow in size over the foreseeable fu Burberry Factory Outlet ture. Entering retirement greatly reduces the amount of travel an individual does and the associated reduction in income also affects their travel behaviour. This age group were not brought up in the car culture and many have therefore never aspired to owning a car. As the working population ages, however, those reaching retirement who have been car owners for most of their adult life will be more likely to continue driving into their oId age. Many will not be aware of their increasing limitations as a driver due the physical ageing process. Being a pedestrian and user of public transport is a part of everyday life for these older people. The frailty of this age group means that the injuries sustained in a road accident tend to be more serious than for younger adults. Figure 1 confirms that it is the over 70s who are at most risk of suffering a fatal injury in a road accident. Therefore, whilst older people are not necessarily more likely to be involved in a road accident than other age groups, if they are then their injuries are more likely to prove fatal.

Burberry Factory Outlet an evaluation of manual ventil

an evaluation of manual ventilation devices and face masks

Background: The key to successful neonatal resuscitation is effective ventilation. Little evidence exists to guide clinicians in their

choice of manual ventilation device or face mask. The expiratory tidal volume measured at the mask (VTE(mask)) is a good estimate of the tidal volume delivered during simulated neonatal resuscitation.

Aim: To compare the efficacy of (a) the Laerdal infant resuscitator and the Neopuff infant resuscitator, used with (b) round and anatomically shaped masks in a model of neonatal resuscitation.

Methods: Thirty four participants gave positive pressure ventilation to a mannequin at specified pressures with each of the four device mask

combinations. Flow, inspiratory tidal volume at the face mask (VTI(mask)) Burberry Factory Outlet , VTE(mask), and airway pressure were recorded. Leakage from the mask was calculated from VTI(mask) and VTE(mask).

Results: A total of 10 780 inflations were recorded and analysed. Peak inspiratory pressure targets were achieved equally with the

Laerdal and Neopuff resuscitators. Positive end expiratory pressure was delivered with the Neopuff but not the Laerdal

Despite similar peak pressures, VTE(mask) varied widely. Mask leakage was large for each combination of device and mask. There were no differences between the masks.

Conclusion: During face mask ventilation of a neonatal resuscitation mannequin, there are large leaks around the face mask. Airway pressure

is a poor proxy for volume delivered during positive pressure ventilation through a mask.

I Burberry Factory Outlet nternational consensus statements1,2 and guidelines from various bodies advise how to resuscitate newborn infants.3 7 All agree that the key is effective ventilation and recommend giving positive pressure ventilation (PPV) with manual ventilation

devices using face masks. Self inflating bags, flow inflating bags,1 7 and T pieces4,6,7 are recommended, but a preference for one type of device is not expressed. It is recommended that the face mask used, whether

round or anatomically shaped, should have a cushioned rim.1 7

Whereas the manual ventilation devices used to resuscitate newborns vary within countries and world wide, the Laerdal infant

resuscitator (Laerdal Medical, Victoria, Australia) appears to be the most commonly used.8,9 Although not described in consensus statements, use of a T piece the Neopuff infant resuscitator (Fisher Paykel Healthcare,

Auckland, New Zealand) appears common.8,9 There is more uniformity in the masks used, a clear pr Burberry Factory Outlet eference being shown for round masks.8,9

There is a dearth of evidence about which device is superior for resuscitating newborns. The only prospective quasi randomised

trial compared two self inflating bags.10 The few studies of newborns given mask ventilation at delivery reported that tidal volumes sufficient for gas exchange were

rarely delivered.11 14 An in vitro study reported self inflating bags to be more effective than flow inflating bags in delivering an adequate minute

volume.15 A further in vitro study reported that more consistent airway pressures were delivered with a T piece than with a flow inflatingIn the only examination of face masks to date, participants had little or no experience of neonatal resuscitation, a mechanical

ventilator was used to give inflations to well, spontaneously breathing infants, and leakage was not measured.16 This study suggested that round masks with a cushioned rim leak less than anatomically shaped masks without a cushioned rim.

We have described a system for measuring leakage from masks and estimating tidal volumes delivered during simulated neonatal

resuscitation.17 We used this system to evaluate the two ventilation devices and two face masks. The aims of Burberry Factory Outlet this study were to: (a) compare the Laerdal and Neopuff infant resuscitators in terms of operators’ ability to deliver PPV at specified pressures;

(b) compare the Laerdal and the Neopuff devices with regard to their ability to deliver tidal volume; (c) compare leakage during PPV with a round face mask and an anatomically shaped mask; (d) determine if greater experience of neonatal resuscitation predicted better tidal volume delivery and less mask leakage;

(e) assess whether preference for a manual ventilation device predicted appropriate tidal volumes and low leakage with thatThe Laerdal infant resuscitator is a 240 m/ silicone self inflating bag. Although not supplied as standard with this device,

Burberry Factory Outlet An Essential Survival Thing Yo

An Essential Survival Thing You Must Have

Every survival site will give you a list of stuff you need in this bag. But that’s putting the cart before the horse. The first issue is how much “bag” can you carry? Excerpted from The Green Beret Survival Guide.

In Special Forces, the only time I had to remove someone from my A Team, the reason was simple: he could not carry the heavy weight of an operational rucksack while on a deployment. Our rucks averaged 125 150 pounds. And that’s just the ruck. Add in body armor, and load bearing equipment, now known at MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load carrying Equipment) which was bursting with ammunition, grenades, radio, and other stuff. In essence, a joke in the army is: Man portable isn’t. Just because you can lift it off the ground for a second doesn’t mean you can carry it for dozens of kilometers. Often was the time when we needed someone’s help to pull us up off the ground once we put our arms through the straps of our rucks.

We were required by SOP to have our gear packed and ready in the team room for immediate deployment. We tested this concept during the Gut Check by alerting teams, then supervising them as they loaded out, making s Burberry Factory Outlet ure they took their rucksacks as they were, not allowing any repacking or adding of gear or supplies. This made everyone take the SOP very, very seriously as they had to live with that ruck for a couple of weeks while on the Gut Check, or on an operation where their lives depended on it.

Optimally, you’d want to take everything with you. But you can’t. Sitting in isolation, we’d cut down our rations, removing such unnecessary weight as plastic spoons. When it came down to deciding between a ration and bullets, the decision leaned toward the latter. So there is no one right bag. You have to configure your G bag to your situation and your surrounding environment. Prioritize depending on what you envision your survival needs being.

Also, I recommend having several G bags. One in your home. One in your car. One at your place of work. And one in your hide site. Not only does this keep one handy, it gives you redundancy in key survival supplies in case of an extreme emergency.

Again, like almost everything else, you can buy a pre packed G bag on line. These are generic, but also well packed. For a car, I think a pre packed bag is a good idea. But for your other bags, I think you should do it yourself, making it specific to your needs. Also, remember there are items that do not go in the bag, but must be carried on your body as we covered earlier.

When picking items, choose those that can have multiple uses instead of one. I have a hand crank survival radio that also has a built in flashlight and an adapter for charging my cell phone and a solar charger. Three items in one with two non electric power sources.

Use a bag that is at least water Burberry Factory Outlet repellant, if not waterproof. If it isn’t waterproof, pack your items in waterproof bags. A key lesson of life in nature is to keep things waterproofed.

Here are items to consider (rath Burberry Factory Outlet er than clutter this up, I’m going to list suggestions for every item mentioned here at the end of the book):

1) The bag itself. This goes back to how much you can easily carry. Also, remember, the bigger the bag, the more obvious it is. And the more someone might want to steal it from you. If you have no experience with backpacks, go to your local sporting good store (REI always has knowledgeable personnel working) and ask. Do you want just a regular backpack like kids take to school? An internal frame ruck? External frame? Built in hydrating system? The choices are limitless. What you should do is go down this list, write out what exactly you want in the bag, get the stuff, then find a bag that fits the stuff. You might find you’re trying to carry too much stuff. Also, consider the color of the bag. I’d go with, if not camouflage, something that is dark in color, or that matches your surrounding terrain.

2) Water. Either a built in water supply such as a camelbak or pockets/clips for water carriers. Most packs have external loops on which you can secure canteens and water carriers. Remember, though, that water sloshing about and things on the outside of your bag banging about, violate noise discipline. An integral part of any G bag is a way to purify water.

3) Fire. Have lighters and matches. I used to carry a half dozen cheap plastic lighters on me when I deployed. If matches, make sure they are storm proof and carried in a waterproof container. You need a small stove with a fuel supply for at least a few days. Go with the stove for cooking initially instead of a fire because of smoke and light discipline. Also, you might add in a magnesium fire starter. Make sure you practice with it before trying it for the first time in the midst of a downpour and hurricane force winds.

4) Shelter. At least a poncho if not a tube tent. Something to keep the water and wind off you.

5) First aid. You can buy complete kits. Or pack you own. More on this later. I’d recommend a medical mask in case of contagion.

6) Food. Enough for a week. At least one pot/kit to cook the food in. Utensils.

7) Light. I have a rechargeable flashlight. It’s heavy, but that is balanced against carrying batteries. Also have smaller, LED type lights. I also like to have a headlamp. Often, in the dark, doing survival activities, you’ll need both hands, so this helps. Also, consider having a red lens cover or red option for a flashlight so you can use it at night and not give out a large signature. Candles are also an option and they have the added benefit of allowing you to start a fire. However, be careful with them, especially inside your home.

9) Sleeping bag. This is dependent on your locale. If the weather doesn’t get too extreme, consider a light bivy sack.

10) Clothing. Socks. Socks. And some socks. Beyond that, it depends on your environment.

a) At the very least a Leatherman type tool. I carry one with me all the time on my belt.

b) A fixed blade knife. We used to argue about knives all the time in our team room. Which type was best, where to carry it, etc. etc. You don’t need a Rambo type knife, in fact, it’s too big and too heavy. I like a six to eight inch blade with a serrated edge on the back side for sawing.

c) If snow is likely, a snow shovel that backpackers or back country skiers use.

d) A machete could be useful. I’d go with a folding saw over a machete. Unless you live on the edge of a place where you will have to be cutting your way through. Or have to chop off Zombie heads.

e) Tools is where you really start thinking about weight.

f) Rope. At the very least a roll of light, powerful cord. Parachute cord or 550 cord as we called it in the army. This is very strong, very light and narrow cord that again, will have more uses than you can imagine.

g) A pocket chain wire saw. Light weight, small, but can be very useful in a variety of situations. Such as amputating your own arm if its pinned to a canyon wall by a boulder. Joking. Not.

i) A signal panel, such as a VS 17. This is why e Burberry Factory Outlet verything else is muted or camouflaged. You keep this packed away until you actually want to signal someone.

Burberry Factory Outlet An Essential Ingredient Of A P

An Essential Ingredient Of A Perfect Bed

Duvets are generally a form of a quilt or a soft blanket made with two pieces of cloth woven together with a soft filling usually with down feathers, polyester or cotton fillings. Duvet covers are used as a cover to protect and prolong the lifetime of duvets. Duvets have been used traditionally in almost all parts of the world as an e Burberry Factory Outlet ssential ingredient of a perfectly completed bed set. In the west duvets are referred to the quilt cover and not the duvet itself. With duvets being a part of an everyday commodity, it is essential to protect the duvet and clean it regularly. Duvet covers give you a choice of colour and design in your bedroom whenever you wish. With the advancement in modern living, duvet covers come in a range of colours and designs suited to decorating needs for every person. These covers add that dash of exuberance to a room at anytime, without having to spend money and space on diff Burberry Factory Outlet erent duvets. Be it fresh pastel colours, trendy and modern art or flowery pattern Burberry Factory Outlet s, there are duvet covers available for every mood. It is best to invest a little time in assessing your room or even going through home decorating books to see what colour concepts you would like in your room. Buying two or three themed different duvet covers enables you to change the look of your room once in a way. A duvet cover may come in many types of fabric and textures like pure cotton, poly cotton, silk etc. It is up to you to choose wisely the type of duvet cover you want and for what purpose. A technological breakthrough in manufacturing fabrics and duvet covers are the Anti allergic woven fabric used to make duvet covers. Dust mites which thrive in dust collecting fibres and especially in the down filling of the duvets are a main cause of concern for those who are prone to allergies. It is best if you choose an allergen blocking duvet cover to use with your down quilt. These Anti Allergen duvet covers are woven tightly with unique patterns and weaves to block the allergy causing bacteria and particles. Silk is a natural fibre got from silk worms and is a little expensive when compared to other fabrics. Duvet covers come in the standard bed sizes r Burberry Factory Outlet anging from the royal king size to single kids’ bed size.

Burberry Factory Outlet An Epitome of Luxury Handbags

An Epitome of Luxury Handbags

France’s mega famous brand name in handbags segmentLouis Vuitton handbags are the dream possession of many women. Famous as LV, the handbags collection comes in different shapes, colors an Burberry Factory Outlet d sizes to suit different occasions. If you are looking out for a formal one, you have it and if you are looking out for a sporty one too, you could get it and informal ones too. You name it and the Louis Vuitton handbags collection has it all.

Not only are the Louis Vuitton handbags trendy, they serve the purpose of holding the most important of things in a highly secure manner. The brand Louis Vuitton holds a great name for itself and women go Burberry Factory Outlet ga ga over possessing one of these LV bags.

When you spo Burberry Factory Outlet rt one of these Louis Vuitton bags, have it for granted that you will make many heads turn in your direction and you will definitely be the cynosure of all eyes for it is the kind of attention the brand LV generates and especially LV bags.

You could shop for your favorite Louis Vuitton bags on the online platform and get bene Burberry Factory Outlet fitted from the deadly discounts that are put up on the online stores too. Through the online store, you could also gain access to the information as to which specific LV bag is the best seller and probably you would invest in the same.

Burberry Factory Outlet An Epitome of Fashion with Con

An Epitome of Fashion with Conscience

Creative Director Anita Ahuja was honored with an incredible opportunity to interview Ms. Sangeeta Bahadur (Sinha), Minister (Culture) Director, The Nehru Centre, High Commission of India, London.

Thank you Ms. Bahadur, It was such an honor for all of us here at Conserve India.

Ms. Bahadur With the world getting clogged with discarded junk, it is wonderful to see that some artists are using their imagination and creativity to convert some of it into art. Not only does that help in preserving the environment, but it also beautifies our surroundings.

Ms. Ahuja Nehru Centre is flagship cultural center outside India, being someone closely associated with such a pivotal pl Burberry Factory Outlet ace; do you think recycled art has the potential Burberry Factory Outlet to become the face of 21stcentury India?

Ms. Bahadur The Rock Garden in Chandigarh, built entirely of domestic and industrial waste and discarded items, has already become the calling card of one of the largest and best planned Indian cities. Similar spaces created in other parts of the country, particularly across the faceless urban wasteland of smaller cities and towns, could work wonders in environmental as well as aesthetic terms, transforming the tired ugliness into a thing of beauty. Just as Chandigarh has come to be defined by Burberry Factory Outlet its world famous Rock Garden, other urban centres could well get on to India’s tourist map through similar endeavors.

Ms. Ahuja What is your opinion on Indian artist working on recycled art and what do you think is the reason for meager number of artist?

Ms. Bahadur For any Indian artist working in the field of recycled art, the procurement of material would not be very difficult, I feel, since our towns and cities are littered with discarded industrial and construction waste.

Ms. Ahuja Your Professional stature makes it possible for you to see the best of both the worlds east and west. So, do you think the recycled art of an easterner is different from that of westerner?

Ms. Bahadur There are obvious differences between the East and West in terms of sensibilities, creative imagination and aesthetic appreciation. Often, a piece of art that may appeal to a Western mind may leave an Eastern one cold and vice versa. There are, hence, bound to be some differences brought on by different cultural orientations, exposures and artistic traditions.

Ms. Ahuja Art exhibitions are generally perceived as something exquisite. But now there is a paradigm change of creating art from trash. Do you think it will stay here?

Ms. Bahadur Just because art is created from trash does not mean it cannot be beautiful. A great deal depends on the creativity and skill of the artist. Recycled art may not become mainstream art at any stage, but it is here to stay, I would say, as an important addition to the range of plastic arts.

Ms. Ahuja On those lines, we at Conserve creates recycled Burberry Factory Outlet art from trash. But, it has an additional social good component to it. What do you think of this business model?

Ms. Bahadur Companies everywhere are beginning to take their social obligations seriously, and Conserve are setting a good trend by making environment friendly art itself their business. I hope more organizations like Conserve will come up to provide this crucial linkage between business and art, making every city and town a better place to live in.

Ms. Ahuja Recycled art created from artist has more values. Like the ones I (Anita Ahuja) create are influenced by own ideology, value system etc. Do you think these give us a competitive edge?

Ms. Bahadur All art emerges from the individual artist’s ideology and value system. In that sense, I do not think that recycled art is any different from other expressions of creativity. What gives recycled art an edge is that it reflects the artist’s imagination and resourcefulness in a way that a conventional painting or sculpture may not, and that such art serves the dual purpose of cleaning up the environment and creating something aesthetically appealing.

Ms. Ahuja Being someone closely associated with a cultural centre in west, Do you think these recycled arts can become a brand?

Ms. Bahadur Certainly. I cannot think of a better example than Nek Chand’s Rock Garden. He has branded a whole city with his art, and there is no reason why other artists cannot do the same.

Ms. Ahuja What does this whole picture of recycled art convey emerging artist or influence of politicians on environmental issues?

Ms. Bahadur I cannot say much about recycled art in the West, but in India environmental pollution is still very far from becoming an issue that garners votes for politicians. Consequently, few of them have contributed much to environmental awareness. Whatever is happening on the front of recycled art in India is, hence, largely the initiative of the artists themselves.

Ms. Ahuja Finally, do you think these recycled art can enter the mainstream markets apart from the cultural exhibits like Nehru center?

Ms. Bahadur I am really no expert on this kind of art, but I would say it definitely can enter the mainstream if it is marketed well and the quality of the work is good. Larger installations in public spaces and buildings would, perhaps, be the best way forward as smaller works may not have the same impact given the kind of material used for creating this kind of art.

Burberry Factory Outlet An epic launchStar Plus ha

An epic launch

Star Plus has launched a disruptive promotional campaign for the mythological show to create multiple touch points and engage with viewers. The campaign covers innovations on the outdoor, digital and print media, and on ground activations. Technology is the key element of the campaign since the show targets young audiences.

If differentiation is the key to being noticed, then Star Plus has left no stones unturned to get its mythological show ‘Mahabharat’ come in the public eye. The fourth version of the epic on Indian television after BR Chopra’s Mahabharat (1988 1990), Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s Ek Aur Mahabharat (1997) and Balaji Telefilms’ Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki (2008), in addition to other mythological shows based on Krishna’s life, Shiva’s life or Ram’s life, Star Plus’ Mahabharat is produced by Swastik Pictures and targets young viewers.

While it is quite normal for a cha Burberry Factory Outlet nnel to spend about Rs 10 crore to promote reality/talent hunt shows, this is for the first time that a fiction show (especially a mythological show) is being promoted at this scale. As per industry estimates, the channel must have spent Rs 12 15 crore in promoting Mahabharat.

The leading Hindi general entertainment channel has broken all boundaries with its innovative “larger than life” marketing campaign. Apart from high value spots on television, the campaign uses innovations across media such as print, digital, outdoor and on ground that have been acknowledged and appreciated.

senior vice president, marketing, Star Plus, says, “We are targeting youth in a big way with this show and hence have used modern day technology to bring them on to the show. The use of technology is in three parts the show’s content as it’s at a grand scale and looks different, bigger than any other content on TV. We have invested a lot of money and resources on research. The promos are also of larger than life appeal. The whole idea is to create a visually delightful and magical world. The on ground activities like the museum, virtual wardrobe and apps have also seen use of a different level of technology.”

While Madhok refused to divulge the marketing spends, he tells afaqs! that digital and on ground activations were two media on which the channel spent a lot more than usual. On digital, the channel used YouTube mastheads and pre rolls. The YouTube masthead has a game to engage with the target group. There are also innovations on websites like MSN and Yahoo. While the MSN innovation shows a ‘gada’ that hits the page resulting in a split of the page for a few seconds, the Yahoo! innovation shows an arrow tearing the page.

Mahabharat is being extensively promoted across group websites.

The digital agency of the channel is Grey Digital.

The channel has also launched a free app called Mahabharat mobile app, which runs across all platforms. The app has interesting features including one wherein if you use the camera of a smartphone and scan visual of the print or outdoor ads, the character will come to life on the phone and will give more information about itself. The other features include ‘strike a pose’ (allows users to pick an ancient weapon and click pictures as if they are holding them, share and save the picture), details of characters, ringtones and gallery access.

As reported by afaqs! earlier in Star Plus plans big launch for Mahabharata, the channel has done a lot of on ground activities which include interactive museums, virtual wardrobe, museum on wheels and glasstron technology.

In association with The Times of India and Contract Advertising (the channel’s creative agency), Star Plus’ marketing team released a cutting edge, 4 full page print ads in Bombay Times and Delhi Times. Instead of regular print ads, these were 3D ads which were visible through the 3D glasses that came attached to the papers.

The print 3D ads include three individual ads of Arjun, Duryodhan and Draupadi, and one of the three of them together.

The Maharashtra Times masthead was changed to Mahabharat Times on September 16 as the show went on air on September 16. The channel had also tied up with HT City and HT Caf to release four half flap page advertisements.

Other than these, there have been print ads across 30 40 publications, including national and regional publications.

If you reside in Mumbai or Delhi, you may have come across huge innovative hoardings with 3D sculptures mounted on them Burberry Factory Outlet . The outdoor innovations for the show have come to life with collaborative efforts of the channel and the DDB Mudra Max OOH team.

There are three innovation based creatives and six conventional creatives that have been executed in around 100 towns in India. While there are only three innovative hoardings each in Delhi and Mumbai, the conventional ones have been put up in 900+ sites across the country with key focus on Mumbai, Delhi, UP and Gujarat markets.

The OOH campaign for Mahabharat reflects Burberry Factory Outlet and amplifies the scale and impact of the show, in line with its “larger than life” pitch.

The three innovative hoardings have focused on the three key instances or climaxes in the epic. The “larger than life” 3D sculptures have been created by sculpture artists especially hired for this project by DDB Mudra Max OOH.

The first hoarding portrays a 22 feet tal Burberry Factory Outlet l Arjun kneeling down and looking into the water pot in front of him to take a shot at the rotating fish above his head during Draupadi’s Swayamvar. At its peak, the sculpture protrudes six feet out of the billboard, while a large 3D golden fish rotates overhead. The billboard has a huge backlit Star Plus logo on the top right corner.

The second hoarding is a 17 feet tall Draupadi standing with her eyes closed, praying to Lord Krishna, depicting the famous “Vastraharan” scene. A satin saree comes down all the way from the billboard above, showing the protector Lord Krishna blessing her and saving her modesty.

The third creative just shows two human hands throwing a pair of dice and knocking off five crowns. The five crowns depict the five Pandavas who were deprived of their kingdom by Shakuni using his famous pair of dice during the game of Chausar. The background creative provides further perspective and depth to the sculptures. The Shakuni innovation has multiple elements of varying sizes ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet in height.

Talking about the challenges of executing this idea, , president, DDB Mudra Max, mentions, “The biggest challenge OOH has is the ability to tell a good story in a single frame; a story which one can understand in less than five seconds. Also, the creation of the sculptures within the available time frame and ensuring that the output comes to life especially as it involved recreating human forms. The other challenge was the onsite installation of the sculptures given their size and weight. The sculptures range from 17 feet to 22 feet in height.”

Though the innovative hoardings have been costlier by 100 per cent from the usual cut outs, they are far more effective.

On radio, Star Plus is running spots across radio channels. It has tied up with Radio Mirchi for a show called ‘Vicharon Ki Mahabharat’ wherein the RJs are initiating provocative discussions about the characters of the epic and their behaviour. Through a ‘stationality change’, the Mahabharat title track has been integrated with the jingle of Radio Mirchi.

On cinema, the channel has tied up with about 350 screens across the country and has been promoting Mahabharat for the past two weekends. The promotion will continue for the next two weekends.

Burberry Factory Outlet an environmental success story

an environmental success story

Back to Main MenuBusiness News HomeFront PorchIt Only MoneyOregon the EconomyPlaybooks ProfitsSilicon ForestWindow ShopStock Market ReportBusiness Public BlogBack to Main MenuVideos from the Orego Burberry Factory Outlet nianVideos from The Beaverton LeaderVideos from the Burberry Factory Outlet Hillsboro ArgusVideos from The Forest Grove LeaderYour VideosPaper bags have historically been gentle on the environment. They naturally decompose and are safe for wildlife. Paper bags are made from renewable resources and are manufactured using renewable energy. Over the past few years, paper bags have completed the environmental loop by adding “highly recycled” to their long list of positive environmental characteristics.Over the past 40 years, the recovery of pa Burberry Factory Outlet per packaging, as reported by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, has grown from 15 to 72 percent. In stark contrast, even with significant increases in recycling efforts, plastic packaging recovery has yet to reach 15 percent, the level of paper recovery from 40 years ago.At International Paper, our employees in Beaverton and across Oregon are very proud of our environmentally friendly products. Oregonians should feel as good as we do about paper bags. International Paper has decided to participate in Oregon’s plastic ban discussion because misinformation about paper bags continues to be spread by the plastics industry. In Oregon, we have decided to meet this tactic head on with facts.In most cases, the sources of misinformation are lifecycle analyses commissioned by the plastics industry. It’s interesting that, as complex as a lifecycle analysis can be, we had to look only as far as the studies’ assumptions to determine how the conclusions were coaxed out of them. A Burberry Factory Outlet few examples of the erroneous assumptions used in these studies are: (1) no plastic bags end up as litter; (2) paper bags are not recycled or are recycled at a very low rate; and (3) shoppers carry the same amount of groceries in a plastic bag as they do in a paper bag. In order to be complete in our understanding, we corrected the erroneous assumptions in the most infamously quoted study and, sure enough, every major conclusion reversed itself. Two of the corrected conclusions are that paper bags produce less greenhouse gas and consume less fossil fuel than plastic bags over their entire lifecycle.We’re not in this discussion to attack plastic grocery bags, but rather to set the environmental story straight. Paper grocery bags are, by far, environmentally superior to plastic bags. In fact, a paper grocery bag that’s used multiple times, and then recycled to start its life once more, will continue to be the very best environmental choice for consumers.

Burberry Factory Outlet An Environment Friendly Altern

An Environment Friendly Alternative to Plastic and Paper

Plastic bags are cheap, light and convenient, then why should you look for other types of bags? The answer is simple it is because these bags are fast becoming one of the largest causes of environmental pollution. This, of course, takes us to the debate of paper bag vs. plastic bags. Bu Burberry Factory Outlet t many would be surprised to know that paper bags are not environment friendly either. Thus you have to start looking for other alternatives like canvas bags if you seriously want to leave for your children a healthy earth.

Plastic bags were introduced only a few decades back and yet they have become very common. They take up to an 80% share in the grocery bag market in developed nations like the US. The developing and underdeveloped nations are not far behind. They are used to carry goods, grocery, clothes, lunches to office and numerous other things. Unlike canvas bags, plastic bags especially the thin ones cannot be reused a lot of times.

Once they tear, they are discarded. As the bags are not made of organic or natural substances, Mother Nature cannot disintegrate them. These bags pollute earth and water, as they are not biodegradable. If they are burnt, they cause even more environmental damage. Official sources say that more than 500 billion such plastic bags are consumed all over the world each year.

Plastic bags also harm plants and animals. Innocent animals eat the plastic bags and this can prove fatal. They cause natural disasters like soil erosion and flooding. Bangladesh considers plastic bags one of the chief causes of natural devastation that happens the Burberry Factory Outlet re. This is the reason why the nation has banned them completely. Many other nations have followed suit. Ireland levied taxes on the plastic bags and this lead to a decrease in their consumption. Many States in the US are experimenting with various methods to solve the problem.

This again brings us to the most common answer to plastic bags the paper bag. Paper bags are biodegradable and hence many think this is a safe choice. But the very process of making paper bags causes irreparable damage to the environment. If you look at only the production, plastic bags can actually be considered safer! Deforestation, soil Burberry Factory Outlet erosion, landslides, avalanches, droughts, floods and famines are just few of the side effects of using paper bags on a large scale. Paper bags also produce large amounts of solid wastes that have huge environmental implications. Besides this, paper bags tear easily and have to be replaced often resulting in increased consumption.

In such a scenario, the best alternative seems to be to use canvas bags. Canvas bags are made of environment friendly material. As they are strong, t Burberry Factory Outlet hey can be used again and again without becoming a waste. Even when they are no longer usable, they can be recycled. Canvas bags are also light and therefore much more convenient than other eco friendly bags. Canvas bags come in various colours and models and hence they are fashionable and aesthetically appealing too. The article is strictly for educational or entertainment purposes only and should not be used in any way, implemented or applied without consultation from a professional. Please read our Terms of Service for more information.

Burberry Factory Outlet An Endangered SpeciesAfter

An Endangered Species

After Los Angeles banned the use of single use plastic bags in stores, other smaller cities have followed suite in California such as Dana Point and . The city of Irvine is also looking to ban their use which is not political issue, but more an environmental one.

How Burberry Factory Outlet ever, not everyone is pleased with city after city banning the humble plastic bag. An organization called the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, yes this is an actual group, has been fighting since 2008 to allow businesses to continue to use the single use packaging. They believe that “banning plastic bags is unjustified based on the true facts”. However, it is estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year and 380 billion of those in the US. That’s a lot of trash to go in limited landfill.

(1) Hyun jun Park says:California has always been a leader in environmental issues and it is no surprise that cities all over the state are banning the use of plastic bags. I think that someone will come up with a non plastic alternative and everyone will be happy. Unless you get your food at Trader Joe or Whole Foods, the paper bags they offer at most supermarkets or local stores are totally useless for more than a couple of items. I can see plastic bags being banned in most major cities within a year or two.
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August 18, 2012 at 11:16 pm

(2) Karen Tengku says:I not sure that getting rid of plastics bags is a good idea, I know they take up landfill space, but would paper bags take up any less space?

August 19, 2012 at 7:36 pm

(3) Kallie Stevens says:I think that plastic bags should be banned as they do contribute to landfill and despite what the plastic bag organization says they can degrade as fast as paper and can kill animals if digested. I think they have served their purpose but lets do something to say future generations and get rid of them now.

August 19, 2012 at 9:24 pm

(4) Addie Griffin says:I think plastic bags have got so thin that they really don hole much anyway. But a lot has to do with the retailers, you can go into a shop without some overeager sales assistant putting you pack of gum into a bag that is hundred sizes too big. Total waste, but God forbid that you say you don want a bag, its like saying t Burberry Factory Outlet hat the earth is flat.

August 20, 2012 at 5:13 am

(5) Humoto Tanuseputro says:Los Angeles was very bold with their ban of plastic bags. I think this is a very good idea and it should be adopted in the US and other countries like my own, Indonesia.

August 25, 2012 at 2:33 pm

(6) Al Cohen says:Los Angeles is a good example of a city being proactive in seeing a problem and then dealing with it. It helps, obviously, when the city council is almost made up of one political party, but nevertheless the cit Burberry Factory Outlet y has made a good decision and should be held up as a good example for other city and state bodies everywhere.

September 14, 2012 at 5:21 pm

(7) Jenny Blake says:It is wonderful that all these cities are banning plastic bags. How long will it be before there is a federal statute that bans them.