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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) September 28, 1904, Anaconda, Montana THE ANACONDA STANDARD: WEDNESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 28, 1904. FIXING UP THE FUSION ABOUT flBGIIU CITY THE FIVE PARTIES HARD AT WORK. SOME OF THE CANDIDATES ach Tfmvty ta more tYixn Ike pur tic. are wllllKK to COH and It will lie a hirtl before everything la PEOPLE AND EVENTS VinCIMANS TAKE! PHIIKS AT TIIK TWIt BRIDGES FAIR. The fusion’committees unpointed by tlio five molec Burberry Purses Outlet ular parties which bear Uie Im print of . Mr. Hclnze are hard at work try Ing to effect a division of the nominations which will be satisfactory to the majority of the delegates In each convention. Each oi the fusion committees has told what Its convention expects to get, and It Is evident ‘that there will have to be much trimming and paring and conHlilerahle heart burnings before the fusion is finally effected. It Is understood that the, aiili lnisl re publicans want the clerk of the district court, assessor and county attorney. The populists want one district Judge, clerk and recorder and county uttor iey. The labor party wants assessor, coroner, pub lic administrator and six members of the legislature, besides the sheriff, who bns already been placed in nomination. That letives for the anti trust democrats the county treasurer, auditor and one district Judge, and leaves nothing at all for the MucGlnniss democrats. It is evident that there will have to be many concessions made before the molecular parties arrive at a fusion. The labor party will meet In convention at 0 o’clock this morning at the Family theater and the four other parties will meet on Thursday. It is probable that the labor party will also adjnurn to Thursday in order to be in session while the other conventions are In session. J. J. Qulnn has already been nominated for sheriff by the labor party and will probably be Indorsed by the other par ties of the. proposed fusion. For district Judge, Peter Brcon, William Clancy and TJ. P. Forcstell are mentioned. J Sperling, as sistant city clerk, seems to be In the lead. For asseEor, C. W. Dempster is men tioned. Maurlco Fitzgerald Is In the race for auditor. John Helehan Is mentioned for the office of county treasurer. Kor clerk of the district court those In tho Held are Robert E. Loganl, Harry vvei merdlnger and J. F. Da vies. SENATOR BUFORD TO TRAVEL HarTeat mre Irave for the Bluer mot want unite (ke PLANS FORJJ5RAND RALLY Bnttc YoHUfC Pcoplc’n union imiring permanent Inter cmtcA In (lie movement. The Butte Young People’3 union Is fast perfecting1 a permnncnt orgnnlzn. tion. A business meeting for the pur pose of discussing constitution and liy and the appointment of commit tees to prepare for a grand rally to be held in the Christian church Oct. IS was held at the Kirst Baptist church last night. There were 25 delegates in attendance, 11 of the Protestant church young people’s societies being repre sented. It la expected organization will be perfected al the next meeting to be held In St. Paul’s church Oet. 6. Hy this union of societies the Christian work among the young people is great ly stimulated. ENDS MINUTES “Jack” CoUinn to be no match for John Miller man, the wrestler. John Itllllerman showed a. The Butte man went down twice In a disappointingly short time, and the wager went to Mlllerman. Tho men were In action hardly five minutes all told, the long man from abroad handling ihe local mat artist almost a? he pleased. BUTTE BRIEFS. Born, to the wife of John Connors, 123 TVest Copper street, a daughter. Born, to the wife of John J. Lowney of 805 High Ore terrace, a daughter. Received by President. Washington, Sept. Roosevelt received in the east room of the white house to day about 75 mem bers of the International congress of arts and sciences, headed by the presi dent of the congress, Simon New comb, and Prof. Hugo Munsterberg. Tender Goe> Tkrongh. Constantinople, Sept. 27.’ The Rus sian tender Nlnjl Novgorod passed through the Bosplionis yesterday, bound for Candia, Island of CrcK1, and thence to Port Said. The steamer flaw the Russian commercial and car ried no arms or ammunition. Dr. Lyon’s PERFECT Tooth Powder AN ELEGANT TOILET LUXURY Used by people’ of refinement for over quarter of a century PftEPARID QS turn Will solve the problem if coffee don’t TEA :The cheapest nice drink in the world is tea; and the finest. Vour return BMMy If you Special Correspondence of the Standard. Virginia City, Sept. half hundred or more of Virginians who went down to the county fair at Twin Bridges yesterday did not return till about midnight. When they did arrive, they were about as hilarious a crowd as could be. They had got away with nearly ail they had gone for in the shape of glory and premiums; they were happy over their victories, and the shrill voices of the girls resounding the high school yell, mingling with Ite hoarser tones ot the masculine athletes as they drove Into the city, testified to the exuberance of their glee. The basket ball game was won. by the Vir ginia City high school by 16 to 14 from the home after the most spirited contest of the series; tire Y. C. B. B. club beat the Sheridan nine at baseball in a snappy game by a score of 5 to 1; Smith Boyd brought home the first prize for best pair of gentleman’s driving horses, and second for the best span of matched horses, the first pre mium In this class being awarded to Frank II. Wilcomb of Lam In; Mrs. Charles H. Buford captured the blue ribbon tor the best display of bread and cakes exhibited at the fair, and the high school girls who engaged in thu exhibition lance drills and foil fencing were tho recipients of all kinds of bou quets for their skill In both drills, In neither of which was an error recorded against either corps. Professor Purvl ance Is very proud of his cadets, who looked extremely pretty in their hand some, natty uniforms. Former State Senator 8. R. Buford, who has been a. severe sufferer from rheumatism all’ summer, is making preparations for an extended Journey in search of relief. His first visit will Uo to Hunter’s Hot springs, when he pro poses to come back to Virginia City and arrange his business so as to admit of a winter excursion. As at present mapped out, his itinerary will embrace Arkansas Hoi Springs, through the southern states to Florida, and then probably a sea voyage around Cupe Horn to California. His brother, Charles H. Buford, will accompany him. This evening, harvest thanksgiving services were held In the city churches. At St. Paul’s Elllng Memorial church the edifice xvas handsomely decorated with cereals and other fruits of the field, an elaborate choral service appro priate to the occasion was sung by the vested choir, and C. W. Sherwood sans a beautiful solo with excellent effect. The sermons at both churches also were apropos to the services. Quite a number of people hereabouts are liiclng themselves toward St. Louis these days to attend the world’s fair. Among others, are Mrs. R. K. Blckford, president of the Virginia City Water company and family, who will extend her trip to spend a couple of months at her old home In Memphis, Tenn.; George B. Glssel and Julius Kraemer; John K. Reid of the Hamboo Chief mine. Henry Cahll of Ruby. Edmund J. Callaway and several others from the rural districts. Judge Lew L. Callaway and family, who have been spending months with Col. and Mrs. J. E. Callaway, have gone to White Sulphur Springs. Mrs. Callaway and children will spend the winter there with :her parents, while the Judge will look after his electoral fences In the Fifth Judicial district. Former County Commissioner Marcus D. Elser, democratic nominee for the office of courity treasurer, has declined to make the race, having too much business “on. his. ranch to attend to. Chairman M. M. William Clark and L. R. Lakln, car penters at the Revenue mine, have taken a., six weeks’ lay off there, and contracted to complete’ building the house which. Mrs. Mae Hall is having erected on Vnn Buren street. James B. How is renovating and decorating the residence of Mrs. Mary B. ‘Blllng on Idaho street. During the winter’s absence of Mrs. Elling and Hon. S. It. Buford, the former’s sister, Mrs. S. R. Buford will occupy the place wiih her family. The reported declination of George A. Barnard to run for county assessor on the democratic county ticket Iswith out foundation in fact. Mr. Barnard was In Virginia City this week, order ing necessary cards and stationery, and is nov fixing up things at home to en able him to make the canvass. Supt. J. Henry Pankey of the Eastoii and Pacific mines, accompanied by ma brother and Frank McGovern of Bivlns’ gulch, Is In the city this even Ing. In all probability, a sister of the latter will effect a. change In Henry’s doinesllc arrangements before this Item reaches the eyes of the Standard readers. Gainan Bros., who have heen working their placer diggings In Brown’s gulch, have about finished work for the sea son, with the exception of cleaning up a little more bedrock. They Inform the Standard reporter that the summer’s work has been very satisfactory. Wlnthrop Raymond of Sheridan, with his daughter, Miss Carrie, arrived In the city this evening. They are the gues Burberry Purses Outlet ts of A. J. Bennett and family. Mrs. J. D. Whealon of Butte, a sister of B. C. Trerise. been spending several months with Virginia City friends, has returned to her home nt Butte. Mrs. NVlson Cody of Merced, Cal., formerly Miss Anna Nelson of this city, revisited the scenes of her childhood this week. She and her husband are en route to the world’s fair. While In Virginia City she was the guest of Mrs. Luther V. Buford. Mrs. Martha J. Holmes han gone to Chicago, where she will undergo medi cal treatment for a long standing com plaint. She was accompanied by Mrs. Knte Hughes, ami they will probably spend the winter In the Bast. Miss Gertrude Kohls Is Blowly recov ering, under the beneficial effects of trained nursing from her serious attack of typhoid fever. in rlaeeii. LININGS A great deal leu than usual prices for two lines of the best known and most worthy materials. Silk glusettes, 15c a yard. 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