Burberry Purses Outlet An unofficial guide on Burberr

An unofficial guide on Burberry Blue Label

After much search on the internet, I managed to unearth two photos of BBL Christmas edition accessories. I not sure if they are from this year range or even if they are authentic since they are the first time I chanced upon this design. The blue charm looks pre Burberry Purses Outlet tty much of Burberry Purses Outlet another key ring from the usual collection that I s Burberry Purses Outlet een in one of their stores in our previous visits.

I still prefer charms from Samantha Thavasa Petite and Burberry Purses Outlet Samantha Thavasa as they look more unique and sweet but if you are a BBL fan, these may very well interest you:

It Xmas again. If you been following our blog or BBL designs, you would know that BBL always releases its Collection collection around this time, a collection that usually includes some metallic colours to selected popular designs. It is a pity that BBL doesn upload its Xmas range and I doubt this year is an exception. If we do spot any Japanese magazines that has BBL xmas, we upload it here Keeping our fingers crossed!