Burberry Outlet American Eagle mishandle in Ma

American Eagle mishandle in March

Department of Transportation.

Mishandl Burberry Outlet ed luggage includes reports on lost, damaged or delayed baggage.

Atlantic Southeast performed the worst, with 9.13 mishandled luggage reports per every 1,000 passengers. Regional airline American Eagle ranked second, with 8.35 reports per 1,000 passengers.

American Airlines Inc. (NYSE: AMR) came in at No. 11, with 4.43 mishandled bag Burberry Outlet reports per 1,000 passengers. Dallas based Southwest (NYSE: LUV) fared better, with 3.6 Burberry Outlet 4 mishandled bag reports per every1,000 passengers.

Southwest also performed well in the flight cancellation category, with a cancellation rate of 0.8 percent for the mont Burberry Outlet h of March.

In March, American also had a flight cancellation rate of 1.3 percent when analyzing data provided by 29 select airports. American’s regional affiliate American Eagle had a cancellation rate of 1.6 percent in the same month.