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The last member of the Samsung Galaxy S II trio of droids is here, people. The T Mobile version of the smartphone was the last to get its availab Burberry Bags 2014 ility announced. It will be available online on October 10, and in T Mobile stores on October 12.

The T Mobile Galaxy S II does sport quite a few changes, compared to its GSM siblings, starting with its bigger 4.52 Super AMOLED Plus screen and a different CPU under its cover. Its battery is beefier as well. Now on with our initial impressions.

October 8th, 2011, 19:14Tablet aren just used by adults anymore and if the growing number of educational apps for the iPad and the number of videos on YouTube showing kids using them are any indications, kids are now a pretty la Burberry Bags 2014 rge user base for tablets. This is where the Motorola Xoom Family Edition comes in.

Although Motorola did not officially announce this variant of the Xoom, someone spotted the device at a retail store.

Thanks to its entirely refreshed design, the Google docs app now features the three panel view, typical for Honeycomb. As the screenshot of the application above shows now there are three panels allowing you to view list of collections, list of documents in a particular collection and a document details. Called Aak Burberry Bags 2014 ash, the slate actually costs $46 dollars, runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and comes with a 7 resistive touchscreen.

The first edition of the Aakash tablet will be exclusively manufactured for the Indian government (which plans to distribute it to students around the country) and comes with a really modest 366 MHz CPU, but packs a dedicated GPU. Actually, scratch that a fully functional tablet for $199 was bound to go like hot cakes.

And even so, the number of orders that Amazon has recorded for its newly announced tablet stands at the quite impressive 250,000. That a quarter of a million orders in just five days, with the tablet itself being more than a month away from actually becoming available. HTC Sensation XE vs. Samsung Galaxy S II [TABLE]

October 4th, 2011, 23:42Well, with the new iPhone 4S finally revealed it time to take a look at how it manages to fight the mighty Droids. We chose to put it against the Burberry Bags 2014 two most notable beasts in the Android world the HTC Sensation XE and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

They are mighty indeed, but how do they stack up against the newly announced iPhone 4S? Let dive right in.