Burberry Bags 2014 Andrews Osborne Academy studen

Andrews Osborne Academy students volunteer across Lake County

Students from Andrews Osborne Academy in Willoughby spread out Friday across Lake County and into parts of Cleveland to help area organizations.

Participating in the annual, national Mak Burberry Bags 2014 e A Difference Day is part of the school s culture to lend a hand and help out where possible, said seventh grade science teacher Kaleigh LaRich.

We were a little worried about the weather when we started to see that it was going to turn during the week, she said. We were still able to help, hopefully.

Students helped clean out candle jars to be reused and packed seed bags for education programs at the facility.

They started their visit with a walk outdoors, which the students said they enjoyed despite the cold.

Groups took turns inside and outside to stay warm, and some were able to do a little cleaning.

I liked how we cleaned up around the Arboretum so that way there s not so much trash, and we re giving back to them, said one of the students, Quinn Sippola.

Several other students agreed that they Burberry Bags 2014 felt a sense of teamwork, and Burberry Bags 2014 that they even learned a bit about each other through the project.

I liked how we worked together to do this one thing, said Rajanae Williams.

After spending a few hours at their service sites, students returned to the school to hear from Kristin Warzocha, vice president for external affairs for the Cleveland Foodbank.

She talked to them about the importance of volunteering and how they can get involved. She also shared her own story of how sh Burberry Bags 2014 e was required to volunteer at a nursing home in the eighth grade. She recalled that she wasn t very excited about it in the beginning, but that she realized that she was helping people, and that sparked a career.

Nonprofits wouldn t be able to operate without the help of volunteers. those volunteers donated about 50,000 hours of time and that saved us from having to hire 29 full time staff people, saved us more than $1 million; those are dollars that we didn t have to raise, or we didn t have to spend on salary, so we could put them back into making more food available, she said.